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Anthem review: An epic battle between Iron Men and network issues

Anthem's gameplay, visuals, and audio make you feel like a superhero. Unfortunately, numerous bugs and severe network issues can quickly spoil the experience. I just want to keep playing Anthem. I can't stop thinking about its satisfying action and vast world. Sadly, when I sit down to actually play it, I have to work my way through dozens of bugs...

Anthem VIP Demo preview: launching BioWare’s next adventure into action

Anthem VIP Demo - Storm
First announced in E3 2017, Anthem is legendary role-playing developer Bioware's upcoming action-RPG title and has you flying around in robotic exoskeletons and fighting aliens in a hostile alien world. With the full release less than a month away, on February 22, Anthem has launched its VIP Demo over the weekend. The demo allows players to experience a significant...

The 6 best games of Gamescom 2018

Best Games of Gamescom 2018
Gamescom 2018 was one hell of a convention. There were so many fantastic games to see, play - and most importantly, write and talk about. Just like every year, we singled out the best games we could get our hands on, both around the show floor and behind closed doors. Here are the 20 nominees for GamersPack "Best of Show...

Anthem Gamescom gameplay is a lot more natural than what we saw at E3

Anthem Gamescom 2018
Anthem is one of the more anticipated titles coming to Gamescom 2018, and while we didn't get to experience it hands on, I was lucky enough to have been able to watch live gameplay. In many ways, the game looks different and a lot more down-to-earth when you watch live gameplay. The Anthem Gamescom demo was the same one we...

Mass Effect producer Casey Hudson is back with BioWare

Casey Hudson, the producer of the original Mass Effect trilogy, is coming back to BioWare. Hudson broke the news by uploading a blog post on the official Bioware blog. In his post, he announced he is will be taking the role of General Manager. "When I left BioWare three years ago, it was the most difficult decision of my career. I...

BioWare reveals new IP Anthem, has alien monsters and mech suits

The biggest news to come out of EA's E3 2017 presentation (or EA Play 2017 if you want to get technical) was Anthem, BioWare's new IP. Anthem was revealed with a teaser trailer that gives a tiny little glimpse into the game's world and themes. Apparently, this is a sci-fi games that takes place on an alien planet (or planets),...

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