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Alice: Asylum, a prequel to American McGee’s Alice is in the works

Alice Asylum
American McGee's Alice was first released in 2000 and took up deep into a rabbit hole of madness, psychological horror, and gothic cats. A less successful sequel, titled Alice: Madness Returns, sent us back to the twisted Wonderland in 2011 to face Alice's traumatic past. Now, we learn that American McGee is finally returning to the series with Alice Asylum,...

Those who purchase Alice: Madness Returns will get American McGee’s Alice for free

In an interview that CVG held with American McGee about Alice: Madness Returns, they told them two significant details about the upcoming game. The first detail is about the re-playability of the game. American McGee says that since the game will not have a multiplayer option, there is going to be an option of downloading different kinds of dresses that...

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