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Adr1ft trailer shows off zero gravity and space exploration

A new trailer for Adr1ft shows off more of the impressive outer space scenery that the game takes place in, to the relaxing music of Clair de Lune. However, there's nothing relaxing about a destroyed space station where you are the sole survivor. The trailer states that it will bring "your childhood dream of being an astronaut to life". Don't know...

Adr1ft trailer and screenshots show astronaut drifting in beautiful space

Adr1ft (Adrift? Adroneft?) is the debut title of indie studio Three One Zero. It's about an astronauts floating in the wreckage of a space station, with no memory and a damaged EVA suit. As the only survivor of whatever catastrophe that killed every one else on board, the player needs to stay alive by finding resources and repairing the station's...

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