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Best action games of 2017: Aliens, demons and hedgehogs

Best Action games of 2017
Surprisingly enough, 2017's best action games are not shooters. Well, not most of them anyway. While we did have plenty of good shooting action this year, the games we ended up really liking had more blades, flowers and hedgehogs then usual. And some of them were downright retro. It's actually refreshing seeing so many games that don't involve so many guns...

Best Action games of 2016: It’s war I tell you

The action genre, especially the First-person shooter sub-genre, was one of the most prolific genres of 2016. There are so many good, great and amazing titles this year to choose from, that we literally almost started our own little war when trying to come up with the list you see below. But finally, when the smoke cleared and the...

Koei Tecmo unleashes a bloody action trailer for Berserk

Koei Tecmo's newest trailer for the action title Berserk illustrates the brutal damage that the playable character, Guts, can unleash upon a battlefield. In addition to the swordsman's talents, the gameplay trailer also shows the immense scale and detail of the game. Berserk will feature a wealth of different enemy types and plenty strategies to take them out with. Hacking and slashing his way to victory,...

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