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Children of Morta review: Family matters

Children of Morta reivew
Children of Morta is a beautifully crafted pixel art dungeon crawler with a refreshing emphasis on character and a theme rarely seen in gaming: Family. I've always had a soft spot for pixel art games thanks to their simple yet colorful worlds. Children of Morta happens to be one of those games. The game throws you into a beautiful world of...

In Children of Morta, a family who fights together sticks together

Children of Morta
While enjoying and exploring Gamescom 2018, we had a nice conversation with 11 bit studios about the various titles they plan to bring to Nintendo Switch. Children of Morta, a hack and slash title combining roguelike dungeon crawler, pixel art, and rich story, is one of them. As opposed to other roguelike games, Children of Morta emphasizes its story from...

Moonlighter review: Too busy earnin’

Moonlighter review
With pretty pixel graphics and great sound, Moonlighter is the right kind of rogue-lite game that keeps you going for "one more round." Even before beating my first boss, I have already managed to gather countless treasures from a golem dungeon, warp inside a forest dungeon, expand my store into a freaking Walmart, steal a grimoire from under an evil...

Moonlighter lets you peek into the secret life of an RPG shopkeeper

You know how in every RPG ever there's this one shop run by a faceless merchant that sells tons of exotic weapons and items? Did you ever wonder how this non-adventurer shopkeep manage to get all of these weird and powerful items? Then you should play Moonlighter. Moonlighter is an upcoming indie game from the fledgling studio Digital Sun. After a successful Kickstarter...

Frostpunk review: The cold can’t slow this one down

Frostpunk review cover
With highly polished mechanics and amazing atmosphere, Frostpunk delivers on everything you could hope for from a city-building survival game. An apocalyptic winter is covering 1886 England. Your group has left a frozen, uninhabitable London in hopes of finding a new place to start over. The only thing keeping you and your people from freezing to death is a large...

This War of Mine gameplay trailer shows the horrors of war

Usually when we play war games, we play the heavily armed and heavily armored soldier on the front lines, kicking ass and bringing freedom to all with a hail of bullets. This War of Mine takes a different approach, and tasks you to look after a group of civilians trying to survive in their now demolished home town. It's basically a...

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