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Atomicrops review: An absolute blast of a game

Atomicrops review
Atomicrops takes several fan-favorite genres, sticks them in a blender, and shoots forward one of the best and craziest games of 2020. We first stumbled upon Atomicrops at Gamescom 2019, just before it went into Early Access. Since then, the game just kept getting better and better with every update...

Bake ‘n Switch preview: Baking and fighting together

Who doesn't love cooking together? Especially when the little buns you are baking are just the cutest things in the world that beg to be put into the oven? In Bake 'n Switch, the upcoming party game from Streamline Media, this is precisely what you'll be doing. And like in similar games, such as Overcooked, it too...

Top 10 indie game pitches we found on Twitter during the #PitchYaGame event

"Pitch Ya Game" is a new initiative on Twitter aimed at indie game developers. It's an opportunity to share their "elevator pitch" and consult with industry veterans on how to improve it, their game, and its marketing. For us, it's a chance to discover exciting, promising, or just plain kooky indie games. We combed...

Bake ‘n Switch turns to Kickstarter to add online multiplayer at launch

Bake 'n Switch online multiplayer
The co-op cooking brawler Bake 'n Switch is going to make your summer a little sweeter by adding online multiplayer to its mix at launch. To do so, Streamline Games has set up a Kickstarter campaign specifically to fund the Bake 'n Switch online multiplayer mode. The Bake 'n Switch Kickstarter campaign will launch on...

Deadly Premonition 2 brings Twin Peaks surreal horror to Switch in July

Deadly Premonition 2
Deadly Premonition 2, or Deadly Premonition 2: A Blessing in Disguise in full, is coming to Nintendo Switch On July 10. Publisher Rising Star Games has shared the new release date via a trailer. The trailer starts as a cheap James Bond opening theme, only to turn batshit crazy right at the end, kind...

Streets of Rage 4 video brings back retro fighters from previous games

Streets of Rage 4 video retro fighters
Streets of Rage 4 Publisher Dotemu, together with co-developers Guard Crush Games and Lizardcube, is dropping more videos for us to droll over. Following updates regarding the revival of the classic beat 'em up and new characters, the latest Streets of Rage 4 video reveals we'll be able to unlock 12 retro fighters from...

Cannibal Holocaust is getting a video game sequel because why not

Cannibal, a video game sequel to Cannibal Holocaust, is in the works by the movie's original director Ruggero Deodato. According to the game's official site, Cannibal "is an interactive horror graphic adventure" where players discover the reason for the desperate expedition to the jungles of Borneo we see in the movie.

West of Dead beta takes you to hell, and you’ll never want to leave

West of Dead exploration
West of Dead, the twin-stick roguelike shooter by developer Upstream Arcade and publisher Raw Fury, is now in open beta on PC and Xbox One. The game takes you to the grim and gritty world of Purgatory, where you step into the shoes of dead man William Mason. Why you're there, and where "there" is, are unclear...

The Last Campfire gameplay video shows a beautiful, hopeless world

The Last Campfire gameplay video
The Last Campfire was announced a while ago, but we haven't yet got a proper look at it. Developer Hello Games has decided to change that. The first The Last Campfire gameplay video was released yesterday, during the first stream of Inside Xbox in 2020. The gameplay video shows Ember, the cute little character...

Dreamscaper preview: Proof your nightmares can be lots of fun

Dreamscaper throws you again and again into a nightmare you need to fight through to wake up. It tells the story of a faceless creepy girl named Cassidy, who falls into a nightmare every time she goes to sleep. But unlike regular nightmares, here she gets weapons and magic to fight back.

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