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Nintendo Switch should cost around $300, according to analysts

Nintendo Switch price
One of the biggest answered questions regarding the Nintendo Switch is its pricing. While Nintendo remain tight-lipped on the subject, various analysts are suggesting the Switch won't cost more than $300. David Gibson, a Macquiare Securities analyst, believes that the Switch could cost approximately $250, and might also disappoint gamers looking for innovative technologies. However, Gibson also made clear that with a solid third party support, the...

Nintendo Switch is powered by Nvidia Tegra technology

Nintendo has revealed Switch a couple of hours ago, but didn't provide us with any real information regarding the tech behind the new console. Fortunately, Nvidia decided to step up and clear some of the doubts and rumors surrounding the technological capabilities of the Switch. According to the hardware company, Nintendo Switch is powered by a custom Tegra processor. "The high-efficiency scalable...

Nintendo Switch is the official name of the NX

Nintendo has official revealed the Nintendo NX, or should I say Nintendo Switch. The announcement came in the form of a 3-minute trailer, which shows smiling people use the new console in various different locations, like a living room, a park, an airport and even a car. Yes, the Switch aims to blur the line between a home console and a portable one. It...

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