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Children of Morta review: Family matters

Children of Morta reivew
Children of Morta is a beautifully crafted pixel art dungeon crawler with a refreshing emphasis on character and a theme rarely seen in gaming: Family. I've always had a soft spot for pixel art games thanks to their simple yet colorful worlds. Children of Morta happens to be one of those games.

Daymare 1998 review: Where evil not longer resides

Daymare 1998 review
Daymare 1998 tries to mix classic Resident Evil with modern horror like Dead Space, but is sabotaged by its own old-school obsession. Daymare 1998 started as a fan remake of Resident Evil 2. Capcom quickly put a stop to it but encouraged Invader Studios to take all the hard work they did and turn...

Creature in the Well review: Hits a few bumpers

Creature in the Well review
Creature in the Well can be a beautiful and intense bullet hell if you can make it past the repetitive first half. I was very excited about Creature in the Well when it was first announced on Nintendo Direct. A dungeon crawler with pinball-based combat and puzzle-solving is an intriguing concept. Besides, I always...

Astral Chain review: Nonstop divine action

Astral Chain review
Astral Chain is, without a doubt, one of the best action games currently available on the Switch, and elevates the genre to a whole new level. When Platinum Games, the studio behind action masterpieces such as Bayonetta and Nier: Automata, announces a new IP - you know you're in for a spectacular experience.

Blair Witch review: Stay out of these woods

Blair Witch E3 2019
Blair Witch so desperately wants to be a psychological horror game, it completely neglects its few clever mechanics. But you can pet the dog. The Blair Witch Project doesn’t have the best history with video games (look it up). I was cautiously optimistic that the new Blair Witch will break this curse. After all,...

Wargroove review: There are always more wars to fight

Wargroove is a fantastic and gorgeous sandbox strategy game that lets you build and share campaigns which are often more engaging than the actual story. Are you the kind of player who loves creating stories and scenarios? Do miss the days of old when playing a turn-based tactical strategy game? Did you grow up...

Decay of Logos review: A Souls-like never felt this fresh

decay of logos vista
Decay of Logos is vast, optimized, and offers tight combat and fun exploration. While it's inspired by legends, the game still manages to carve its own identity. I've waited a long while to play the final version of Decay of Logos. It caught my eye as a hybrid between Dark Souls and The Legend...

The Church in the Darkness review: False prophets

The Church in the Darkness review
With limited gameplay options that lead to too many repetitive playthroughs, this infiltration game fails to generate a worthy cult following. Go in, find Alex, get out - that’s my plan every time I start a new game in The Church in the Darkness. But each time, I try something a little different. One...

Vane review: Try and resist the urge to fly away

Vane review
Vane's appealing art style and soundtrack aren't enough to carry it past the tedious gameplay and extremely vague story. I was deeply frustrated with Vane after playing it for just 15 minutes. I was flying around, struggling with the controls, and feeling utterly lost. Then I realized I was playing it all wrong.

Layers of Fear 2 review: A nightmare at the movies

Layers of Fear 2 review
Layers of Fear 2 is a slow, horrifying descent into madness. It earns every jump scare thanks to a dense atmosphere that haunts you to the very end. Layers of Fear 2 took me by complete surprise. I was expecting another narrative horror game with a heavy emphasis on weird visuals and jumpscares, like...

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