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West of Dead beta takes you to hell, and you’ll never want to leave

West of Dead exploration
West of Dead, the twin-stick roguelike shooter by developer Upstream Arcade and publisher Raw Fury, is now in open beta on PC and Xbox One. The game takes you to the grim and gritty world of Purgatory, where you step into the shoes of dead man William Mason. Why you're there, and where "there" is, are unclear...

The Last Campfire gameplay video shows a beautiful, hopeless world

The Last Campfire gameplay video
The Last Campfire was announced a while ago, but we haven't yet got a proper look at it. Developer Hello Games has decided to change that. The first The Last Campfire gameplay video was released yesterday, during the first stream of Inside Xbox in 2020. The gameplay video shows Ember, the cute little character...

Resident Evil 8 rumors reveal Q1 2021 release, gameplay info

Resident Evil 8
There's some newly leaked info regarding Resident Evil 8, the next game in the Resident Evil series once they stop with all the remakes. The game is rumored to see the return of both Chris Redfield and Ethan from Resident Evil 7. It will be set in a European setting, hence its "full" title...

Dreamscaper is proof your nightmares can be lots of fun

Dreamscaper throws you again and again into a nightmare you need to fight through to wake up. It tells the story of a faceless creepy girl named Cassidy, who falls into a nightmare every time she goes to sleep. But unlike regular nightmares, here she gets weapons and magic to fight back.

Souls-like Mortal Shell lets you possess warriors to change your playstyle

Mortal Shell
Mortal Shell is an action-RPG "Souls-like" from Cold Symmetry, an indie studio of industry veterans, and publisher Playstack. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=snpXO73u5sw You will be playing as an "empty vessel," a ghostly white empty shell in a shattered, distorted world in which humanity is slowly decaying away. You will follow the...

Totally Reliable Delivery Service review: Pure hilarious mayhem

Totally Reliable Delivery Service
Totally Reliable Delivery Service is a game where you attempt to deliver packages, pilot an unpredictable ragdoll character, and embrace the urge to raise chaos. Totally Reliable Delivery Service arrived at a time when we're all stuck at home, waiting for everything we ordered to come to us. Well, after...

Grand Guilds is a grand adventure by a single indie developer

Grand Guilds
Grand Guilds is a story-driven tactical RPG with card battle mechanics, similar to games like Gloomhaven. The game was developed by Drix Studios - a one-man team based in the Philippines. After developing mainly mobile games in the past years, Drix Studios is hoping to bring its passion to PC and consoles, with the...

Summer in Mara is a calming adventure to warm up your spring

summer in mara
Spring 2020 isn't off to a great start, and what we all need the most is a gentle, calming, heartwarming game about farming, meeting quirky characters, and making the world a better place. Enter Summer in Mara. After a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign, Summer in Mara, which has recently appeared on the Nintendo Indie World...

In Other Waters review: Dive in, the water’s just right

In Other Waters review
In Other Water's captivating story, slow yet rewarding exploration, and serene visuals and music make it the perfect game for these stressful times. In Other Waters arrived at the right time. I was playing the nerve-wracking Doom Eternal for a few days, and the next game on my list is...

Totally Reliable Delivery Service out today, available for free on EGS

Totally Re
Totally Reliable Delivery Service, the physics-based party game about terrible delivery drivers, is out today on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android. But if you're a PC gamer, you can grab the game for free through the Epic Games Store starting today until April 8.

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