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Mortal Shell beta is now open to everyone due to popular demand

As the developers Cold Symmetry promised a month ago, the Mortal Shell beta was recently released to a few lucky players. But to everyone's surprise, the devs just opened the beta for all to play. Mortal Shell is a soulslike action-RPG. The game centers around ruthless dynamic combat, where you play as a ghost...

Devolver will change the gaming industry forever with their July digital showcase

Devolver Digital Direct
D3 is happening! Not, that's not a prequel to D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die. It's this year's Devolver Digital Direct marketing showcase. We've had quite a lot of digital showcases this past couple of months, what with E3 getting canceled and all. The self-proclaimed "seventh-best indie game label" wants in. This...

Top 10 indie game pitches from #PitchYaGame – Round 2

Pitch ya game round 2
#PitchYaGame is back for another round, and developers from all across Twitter are sharing their games with the world. We combed from another batch of them and handpicked our favorite top 10 games (in no particular order). Enjoy, and be sure to follow these devs and projects. For more top indie game pitches, check...

Party Animals is more of a cuddly mosh pit than an action game

Party Animals
Party Animals is a "floppy physics action game" where cute animals grab, bash, and throw each other around like adorable sacks of pudding. The co-op brawler looks similar to the hilarious Gang Beasts, though a lot cuter. Instead of featureless humanoids, you play as puppies, kittens, duckies, bunnies, and dinosaurs.

Summer in Mara review: A fruitful vacation

Summer of Mara review
Summer in Mara takes some of the best elements from The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker and embeds them in a fun and relaxing farming sim that encourages exploration and creativity. I was never a big fan of farming sims like Stardew Valley or My Time at Portia. But after...

Sam Barlow’s new title, Project Ambrosio, is his most ambitious game yet

Project Ambrosio
Sam Barlow, the man behind the gripping FMV games Her Story and Telling Lies, has announced his next game - Project Ambrosio. The name is just a working title, as the game is also known as Project A███████ on Steam. What's Project Ambrosio about? No idea. It could be about snakes, or synchronized swimming...

Cyberpunk 2077 gets a new trailer during the Night City Wire stream

Cyberpunk 2077 has a new trailer, showing new footage from the game's early hours. The video highlights the characters of V (the protagonist) and their best buddy Jackie, but we also see a few other major players. That includes Johnny Silverhand - Keanu Reeves's character The true star of this Cyberpunk...

Top 10 indie games we loved at the Steam Game Festival – June 2020

Steam Game Festival games
We played a bunch of indie game demos during the Steam Game Festival between June 16 - 22. Hopefully, you did too, but since there were just so many of them, you're bound to miss out on a few gems. So this is what our next list is about - the top 10 indie...

Lost in Random wants you to embrace chaos in a Burtonesque adventure

Lost in Random
Zoink Games, the creative force behind Fe and Flipping Death, has announced a new game called Lost in Random. The game was briefly revealed in 2019, but now we get to learn more about it. Plus, publisher EA has released an official teaser trailer, which gives us a chance to see the game's distinct art...

Vigil: The Longest Night is an action Metroidvania filled with eldritch horror

Vigil: The Longest Night
If games featuring grotesque monsters, horror touches, and a protagonist that has to stand against the darkness are your cup of tea, you may want to take a look at Vigil: The Longest Night. Vigil is the debut title of Glass Heart Games and is published by Another Indie, a young publisher that also...

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