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The Pathless gameplay video reveals you can pet your eagle

The Pathless gameplay
The Pathless is a mythic adventure game from the creators of Abzu. It's pretty, it's serene, and it's fast-paced all at once. We know that because publisher Annapurna Interactive and developer Giant Squid have finally released a lengthy gameplay video of The Pathless. The walkthrough video features commentary by director Matt Nava, who explains...

Carrion review: All you can devour

Carrion review
Inspired by horror movies like The Thing, Carrion delivers a smart, gory, and empowering "reverse horror game." When you think "horror game," you usually think about playing a helpless, feeble human running away from the shapeless horrors lurking in the shadows. In Carrion, you play that shapeless...

No More Robots announce TombStar, a Space Western shooter

TombStar is a top-down "Space Western" shooter by the devs who created the populate mobile game Crossy Road. The game features roguelike elements, bullet hell gunplay, and procedural levels. There are also the graphics, inspired by '80s morning cartoons. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jFqfkh5V19Y You control three gun-slinging renegades fighting...

Top 10 indie game pitches from #PitchYaGame – Round 3

#PitchYaGame Round 3
It's round 3 of #PitchYaGame! Indie developers once again flocked to Twitter to pitch, consult with experts, and get as many eyes as possible. For us, it means another huge batch of fantastic, intriguing, and often weird indie games. Don't forget to check out Round 1 and Round 2 of #PitchYaGame for even more...

Run a coffee tycoon and investigate a dark mystery in Coffee Noir

Coffee Noir
In Coffee Noir, you infiltrate a coffee company as an undercover detective to unravel a criminal mystery. But you'll actually need to put in the work if you want to keep your cover. The game is a detective novel mix in with a business management game, surrounded by noir visuals and sounds.

The Gunk by SteamWorld developer is an Xbox exclusive

The Gunk
Swedish indie developer Image & Form Games has announced it's heading on a new path with The Gunk - a 3D third-person action-adventure title. The developers behind the hit SteamWorld series have decided to change direction away from their 2D comfort zone, explore the unknown, and challenge themselves with new skills and mindsets. In fact, The...

Sable gameplay video shows world exploration and stunning art style

Sable gameplay video
Sable is a lovely open-world exploration game about Sable, a nomad out on a rite of passage. We're not so sure at the moment who's exactly Sable, but we do know she was a cool hoverbike and hood. The new Sable gameplay video offers a glimpse into what's it like to play as her....

As Dusk Falls is an interactive drama by the lead designer on Heavy Rain

As Dusk Falls
As Dusk Falls tells an interactive story about two families across thirty years. Both families trying to start over, but in different ways and for different reasons. The game was revealed on today's Xbox Games Showcase via a trailer showing the family members, and how their lives change when their lives collide into one...

Superhot: Mind Control Delete review: More super, more hot

Superhot: Mind Control Delete review
Superhot: Mind Control Delete is simply more Superhot. More action, more weapons, more roguelike, and more meta weirdness about addiction. More and more until you can't take it anymore, but you still keep going. Superhot: Mind Control Delete started as DLC for Superhot, but grew into a separate, more substantial experience. It takes the...

Underwater survival game Barotrauma gets a new Early Access update

A group of friends piloting a submarine in space might sound like something out of a Terry Pratchet novel, but it's actually a new co-op simulator called Barotrauma. Developed by Undertow Games and FakeFish, Barotrauma is already out on Steam Early Access with a new update coming soon. Here's a quick rundown of everything...

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