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Cris Tales preview: JRPG elements, time control, and beautiful symmetry

cris tales exploration
Cris Tales isn't just a game for people with my very particular tastes in UI, character design, and colorful graphics. It's a unique experience in which you play a girl that can control time. It's a role-playing game with choices and consequences. It's a crafted love letter to games like Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy.

Gloomwood preview: Immersive stealth with a little shotgun action

Gloomwood demo
Gloomwood is described as "Thief with guns" and that's a pretty fair description. You sneak around a dark, Victorian city and dispatch your enemies with a sword to the back, or a shotgun blast to the face. "Thief," of course, refers to the classic stealth series by the same name. If you ever played...

Evan’s Remains review: One jump ahead of a mystery

Evan's Remains review
Evan's Remains is a beautiful game where the story is more puzzling than the riddles. It is a short, story-driven adventure with simple gameplay that's full of tough decisions and mystery. When I first glimpsed Evan's Remains, I couldn't imagine that I'll develop so many feelings in so little time....

Röki release date revealed with a beautiful and informative trailer

Röki, a fantastical adventure inspired by Scandinavian folklore, has an official release date. The game is coming to PC on July 23. The release date announcement came at the end of a new trailer, first aired during the Guerilla Collective live stream. In this new Röki trailer, we learn more about...

Spy after suspicious squirrels in Nuts, a mystery narrative adventure

The squirrels of Melmoth Forest are up to something. No one's sure what, exactly, but whatever it is, it's suspicious, and it's your job to figure it out in the upcoming narrative adventure Nuts. As a rookie field researcher, you'll place not-so-hidden cameras around the forest, comb the footage, and unearth the secrets of the...

In Sound Mind preview: Oh, the psychological horror

In Sound Mind preview
As a horror fan, I was glad to discover a new psychological horror title during the PlayStation 5 event, in between the announcements on Horizon 2 and a new Spider-Man game. That horror title is In Sound Mind, by the developer with the most original name ever - We Create Stuff. I grew up...

Little Devil Inside looks like a delightful adventure full of style and danger

Little Devil Inside
According to developer Neostream, Little Devil Inside is an "action-adventure RPG with survival elements." But when watching the game's new trailer, what I really see is a lovely art style, charm, humor, and an old man taking a dignified dump. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_FqsyNSYSKc Little Devil Inside has been around since 2015...

Voidtrain is a survival game where you build a train and fight interdimensional Nazis

Voidtrain is a survival game about a train traveling through an interdimensional void. Don't you love it when a game's premise is immediately evident in the title? There's a little more to the game than trains and void, naturally. There are flying shark-like creatures, Nazis, and other monstrous creatures.

Detective Boiled-Hard review: A good day to boil hard

Detective Boiled-Hard review
All things considered, Detective Boiled-Hard is a fun, funky, and wacky adventure game developed by one hardcore adventure game and movie fanatic. Because Because Games is back with yet another funny, crude, and at times just plain absurd adventure game. This time, instead of traveling all over the world as...

Bake ‘n Switch preview: Baking and fighting together

Who doesn't love cooking together? Especially when the little buns you are baking are just the cutest things in the world that beg to be put into the oven? In Bake 'n Switch, the upcoming party game from Streamline Media, this is precisely what you'll be doing. And like in similar games, such as Overcooked, it too...

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