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A Place for the Unwilling is a slow-burning Lovecraftian tale with branching narrative

A Place for the Unwilling
A Place for the Unwilling is a branching narrative adventure set in the final 21 days of a dying Dickensian city. Explore, meet its residents, and make decisions that reveal terrible secrets and shapes the fate of the city. But remember - the clock never stops, and you can't be everywhere at once. Spanish...

Akane, a neon-drenched arena slasher, is now available on Nintendo Switch

Akane is a top-down arcade slasher set in the dystopian, futuristic city of Mega-Tokyo. Become a katana-wielding samurai, striking fear into the hearts of your enemies in bright, neon-soaked arenas full of Yakuza goons. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HAkALMY3W2o In Akane, your death is inevitable, so before you leave this cyberpunk world, leave...

Outer Wilds coming out on Xbox One and Epic Store on May 30

Outer Wilds release date
Outer Wilds is an open-world exploration game about a solar system stuck in a time loop, developed by Mobius Games. Yes, you get to explore a whole solar system, flying around in space, and camping out on strange planets. If the premise sounds cool, you'd be happy to know publisher Annapurna Interactive, who frankly...

Earthworm Jim 3 returns exclusively on retro console Intellivision Amico

Earthworm Jim 3
Earthworm Jim, the classic action platformer starring a worm in a super suit, returns after 20 years. The sequel, aptly titled Earthworm Jim 3, is developed by many of the same team that made the original two titles. But, there a catch - Earthworm Jim 3 will be exclusive to the Intellivision Amico. The...

Sigma Theory: Global Cold War Early Access preview: Singularity is coming

Sigma Theory
Sigma Theory: Global Cold War is an indie management game in Early Access, developed by Goblinz Studio and inspired by Civilization, XCOM, and Tropico. When a new scientific method is discovered, you lead a science division and a network of spies in a cold war against rival nations to be the first to harness the ultimate technology.

Yuppie Psycho review: A perfect work-horror balance

Yuppie Psycho review
Yuppie Psycho takes the horrors of the modern workplace and dials them up to 11 thanks to twisted monsters, clever puzzles, and dark humor. The first day of any job is nerve-wracking enough without having to deal with landmines, acid-spitting zombies, and co-workers who are willing to trample all over you to get to...

Nowhere Prophet is a tactical roguelike card game with Indian influences

Nowhere Prophet
Publisher No More Robots and the developer team at Sharkbomb Studios has announced their new game Nowhere Prophet, an "Indian-infused digital dustpunk card game." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lAQawABdeMY Nowhere Prophet is set in a post-apocalyptic sci-fi world, many years after an event called "The Crash" - a complete technological collapse that plunged...

Telling Lies is a new investigative thriller by Her Story creator

Telling Lies
Annapurna Interactive has released a teaser trailer for Telling Lies, the new game by Her Story creator Sam Barlow. The story revolves around four people and a mysterious incident that connects them all together. You will ramage through secretly recorded videos in an attempt to connect the dots and unravel the truth.

Creature in the Well is a pinball-inspired action adventure

Creature in the Wellvideo
Dungeon crawlers are fun, but have you ever felt like there was a certain "pinball je-ne-sais-quoi" missing to them? No? Flight School Studios thought differently, and thus Creature in the Well was born, a dungeon crawler with pinball elements. In Creature in the Well, you play as the last BOT-C unit, a robot equipped...

Chromatose is a Kickstarter project that can wake you out of a coma

After Persona 5's great success that even got it nominated on our best RPG games of 2017, emerges a new game inspired by its design and themes - Chromatose, currently on Kickstarter until April 11. Chromatose is an RPG and 2D graphic novel hybrid that takes place in a mysterious nightmarish coma world. The...

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