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No More Robots brings Descenders and Not Tonight to Switch

The list of games available on the Switch just keeps growing. Now, two more indie titles from publisher No More Robots are coming soon to Nintendo's console: Descenders and Not Tonight. Let's start with Not Tonight. This game is an indie game that takes place in a parallel world where Brexit (UK leaving the...

The Office Quest review: Break the cycle of boredom

The Office Quest review boss
The Office Quest calls on you to break your monotonous routine and go on an adventure. You know the feeling: You arrive at the office, have your first (or third) cup of coffee of the day and slump down at your station. Every single day is the same - typing out long reports, meetings,...

Chromatose is a Kickstarter project that can wake you out of a coma

After Persona 5's great success that even got it nominated on our best RPG games of 2017, emerges a new game inspired by its design and themes - Chromatose, currently on Kickstarter until April 11. Chromatose is an RPG and 2D graphic novel hybrid that takes place in a mysterious nightmarish coma world. The...

Feudal Alloy review: Just keep slashing

Feudal Alloy review
Feudal Alloy's weird premise doesn't go anywhere, but the combat and visuals create a Metroidvania you can, quite literally, easily get lost in. Feudal Alloy is set in a world filled with robots, and the fish controlling them. It might be a reasonable idea that fish will outlive humanity and take over the world...

It’s a Big Day for twin-stick shooter fans, but not for zombies

Big Day
Take the role of a plane-crash and zombie plague survivor in Big Day, an indie game developed by Sonic Shield and distributed by Zodiac Interactive. This one is a real hardcore game, featuring pixel-art shoot-‘em-all zombie slaying in a top-down perspective. Pancho, the main character, tries his luck against the zombie hoards on his way to save his daughter Liz, who was...

Tsioque review: When a princess has to save herself and does it right

Tsioque review 03
Tsioque is a tale of a brave princess and a kingdom in distress, manifested as an adorable adventure game. Welcome to Tsioque and to a kingdom of crescent and double star. Here lie a great story and an adventure you won't forget any time soon. It all started more than three years ago with a collaboration between OhNoo Studio (Tormentum Dark Sorrow) and...

Star Ocean: Anamnesis and Nier Automata are collaborating for a limited time

Star Ocean: Anamnesis and Nier Automata
Shortly after revealing that 2B from Nier: Automata is joining Soulcalibur VI, Square Enix shared a new video, featuring their collaboration with Star Ocean: Anamnesis on iOS and Android devices. It appears that 2B and her cohorts A2 and 9S are now playable for a limited time, through November 27. Not a huge surprise since Square Enix are this game's...

Microsoft buys Obsidian and inXile, two leading RPG developers

Microsoft is boosting its ranks with the addition of the two leading indie RPG studios - Obsidian Entertainment and inXile. Obsidian Entertainment is responsible for some great RPG titles such as Fallout: New Vegas, Pillars of Eternity, South Park: The Stick of Truth, and the game that accelerated their climb to the top - the Xbox console exclusive Star Wars: Knights...

Dark Devotion is 2D Souls-like devoted to being as dark as possible

Dark Devotion
Dark Devotion by the indie studio Hibernian Workshop is a 2D action RPG game, successfully funded on Kickstarter one year ago. The game will be published by The Arcade Crew, a new branch of French publisher DotEmu that focus mainly on assisting retro indie developers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TLhPWhNPEPA You might have wondered why choose a name like "Dark Devotion"? Does this game have any connection...

Metal Wolf Chaos XD gives the US president a giant mech just to see what happens

Metal Wolf Chaos XD
You might already be familiar with Metal Wolf Chaos. Developed by From Software and released in 2004 as an Xbox exclusive in Japan, this title is a favorite among fans of giant mechs and animes like Mobile Suit Gundam. Devolver Digital is re-releasing Metal Wolf Chaos as Metal Wolf Chaos XD, with upgraded visuals, refined controls, a new save system, and 4K, 16:9 support...

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