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In Other Waters trailer reveals the game’s April release date

In Other Waters release datevideo
A new trailer reveals In Other Waters' release date. The game will be available on PC and Switch on April 3. In this unique game, you will assume the role of an AI onboard the advanced diving suit of Ellery Vas. Ellery is a xenobiologist that explores the depths of an unknown ocean on...

Bounty Battle is Smash Bros. with fighters from over 20 indie games

Bounty Battle
Bounty Battle is what happens when Super Smash Bros. meets Brawlhalla. France based developers Dark Screen Games has teamed up with publisher Merge Games to bring us this 1-4 player beat-'em-up with characters from all over the Indie World. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jD4izZy5JSA What is Bounty Battle, anyway? For...

Code: Realize Guardian of Rebirth review: A steamy love story

Code: Realize Guardian
Code: Realize Guardian of Rebirth is an anime visual novel with a Steampunk aesthetic. Its compelling characters are immersed in a fascinating story full of beautiful designs, colorful scenes, and meticulously composed music. Every now and then, you can find yourself questioning the meaning of existence, wondering whether you deserve to live at all....

Code: Realize Guardian of Rebirth is now available on Nintendo Switch

Code: Realize Guardian of Rebirth
Up until now, Code: Realize Guardian of Rebirth was only available on Nintendo Switch in Japan. Now, the Switch port finally comes out in the west, and gamers worldwide can play this visual novel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QHsoTs7R5Lo Code: Realize Guardian of Rebirth is a visual novel that follows the lonely Cardia....

Game Freak’s Little Town Hero gets a physical edition in spring 2020

Little Town Hero
Game Freak, creators of the Pokemon games, have released a new game called Little Town Hero in October 2019. Until now, the game was only available digitally. But in spring 2020, it will be released as a physical edition under the name Little Town Hero Big Idea. The new version will include the full...

In Gleamlight, you play as a sword in a world of glass

Gleamlight is a hidden indie jewel that caught my attention completely. In this 2D action platformer, you play as a sword. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jY1RtoxBNPU I know, your character doesn't look like a sword. That's because you take the role of Gleam, a sword that took the form of a child....

Tainted Grail, the RPG based on the board game, shows first gameplay trailer

Taint Grail
Tainted Grail: The Fall of Avalon is an immensely successful board game by Awaken Realms. How successful? Well, the Kickstarter campaign brought in £4,940,030, which is a 10,000% more than the original £40,000 goal. One of the campaign's stretch goals was a full video game RPG based in the world of Tainted Grail: The...

Cardpocalypse review: Play like a 90’s kid, fight like a 90’s kid

Cardpocalypse review
Cardpocalypse is a cute title with simple but solid card game mechanics. It brings the '90s back and successfully charms you with its nostalgic mojo. Cardpocalypse brings a new card game to the table. It is easy to grasp, harder to master, but eventually, you'll dominate over every kid in your class.

Action-RPG Sakuna: of Rice and Ruin delayed to 2020

Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin
I first noticed Sakuna: of Rice and Ruin at E3 2017, where it was revealed as a PlayStation 4 and PC title. In June 2019, the action-RPG was announced for Nintendo Switch as well, with its release expected in winter 2019, alongside the PlayStation 4 and PC versions. Unfortunately, publisher XSEED Games reported a delay and...

No More Robots brings Descenders and Not Tonight to Switch

The list of games available on the Switch just keeps growing. Now, two more indie titles from publisher No More Robots are coming soon to Nintendo's console: Descenders and Not Tonight. Let's start with Not Tonight. This game is an indie game that takes place in a parallel world where Brexit (UK leaving the...

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