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Child of Light review: You’ll want to see this story through

Child of Light is the story of Aurora - a girl living in 1895 Austria, daughter to an unnamed Duke. In the real world, Aurora dies due to a mysterious illness, only to wake up in the fantasy land of Lemuria. Within moments of waking, she is tasked with retrieving the sun, moon and stars of Lemuria which were...

Rogue Shooter review: Pew pew sounds are optional

Let me take you on a trip in the Way-Back Machine(tm): we're going back to the year 1980, also known as "The Year of Rogue". On that year, a couple of guys released the game that would change the course of the gaming industry (or at least it would have, had the "industry" existed back then) and spawn an...

Diablo III: Reaper of Souls review: Evil is afoot

Reaper of Souls is the first expansion of Diablo 3, carrying on the tradition of beating monsters with sharp objects until loot comes out - something the Diablo franchise has been quite good at. Reaper of Souls continues the story where the original Diablo 3 leaves off - the Prime Evil has been defeated and stuffed back into the black...

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