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Omri is a young and ambitious author, paving his way for world domination. Most of his creativity comes from Halo - his fandom and obsession. If the game has deep lore and fast-paced gameplay, he probably already finished it. Give him video games, food, and lego, and he'll give you praise.

Akane, a neon-drenched arena slasher, is now available on Nintendo Switch

Akane is a top-down arcade slasher set in the dystopian, futuristic city of Mega-Tokyo. Become a katana-wielding samurai, striking fear into the hearts of your enemies in bright, neon-soaked arenas full of Yakuza goons. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HAkALMY3W2o In Akane, your death is inevitable, so before you leave this cyberpunk world, leave your mark, preferably a trail of blood, by taking as many enemies...

Metro Exodus expansions, The Two Colonels and Sam’s Story, detailed

Metro: Exodus will offer two new stories as part of its upcoming expansion pass. Developers 4A games and publisher Deep Silver has revealed the first info on the two expansions, including story details, the main characters, and release date. The first expansion, The Two Colonels, is set to release in summer of this year, following the story of Colonel...

Fade to Silence review: Nothing green left, only the cold

Fade to Silence review
Despite the clunky combat and confusing crafting system, my time with Fade to Silence was mostly fun, with many memorable moments. In Fade to Silence, the earth has turned into a post-apocalyptic frozen world, where horrific eldritch monstrosities roam free. To survive, you'll need to explore the wasteland, battling both the dynamic weather and the Lovecraftian horrors, look for resources,...

Earthworm Jim 3 returns exclusively on retro console Intellivision Amico

Earthworm Jim 3
Earthworm Jim, the classic action platformer starring a worm in a super suit, returns after 20 years. The sequel, aptly titled Earthworm Jim 3, is developed by many of the same team that made the original two titles. But, there a catch - Earthworm Jim 3 will be exclusive to the Intellivision Amico. The news came via a tweet by...

Nowhere Prophet is a tactical roguelike card game with Indian influences

Nowhere Prophet
Publisher No More Robots and the developer team at Sharkbomb Studios has announced their new game Nowhere Prophet, an "Indian-infused digital dustpunk card game." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lAQawABdeMY Nowhere Prophet is set in a post-apocalyptic sci-fi world, many years after an event called "The Crash" - a complete technological collapse that plunged the planet of Soma into darkness. Now, there's finally light in that...

Two Point Hospital co-op update is coming next month

Two Point Hospital co-op
The Superbug Initiative is a new, free update that will allow you to play the chaotic sim Two Point Hospital in co-op. The free update will arrive on Steam on April 30. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=61&v=cQiIK22HBtM Two Point Hospital's co-op feature will let players work with their friends on local, small scale projects, or with the entire game community on global ones. These projects...

Project EVE is a South Korean AAA action title inspired by Nier: Automata

Project Eve
Project EVE is a post-apocalyptic single-player action game, developed by South Korean studio Shift Up. The game is directed by Hyung-Tae Kim, known for his illustrations in games like Magna Carta, and Blade & Soul. The story takes place in a world where humanity is facing extinction by an invading enemy and is forced to escape to the orbital colonies...

New Nintendo Switch versions are planned to ship this summer, sources say

New Nintendo Switch in development
Nintendo is expected to release two new versions of their Switch this summer, according to Wall Street Journal sources, in the effort to keep the console's sales momentum. The first version will be a cheaper model of the existing one, for the more casual audience, serving as a replacement for the 3DS. According to an official source who's familiar with...

Jade Raymond to lead Google’s Stadia Games studio

Jade Raymond Stadia GDC
Jade Raymond, the producer behind the best three Assassin's Creed games (and one pretty good Splinter Cell), is the new VP of Stadia Games and Entertainment - Google's new first-party game studio which will develop exclusively for the new Stadia platform. Raymond first announced via Twitter that she will be joining Google as a vice president, though it was unknown...

No Man’s Sky Beyond is the game’s most ambitious chapter so far

No Man's Sky Beyond
No Man’s Sky, the space survival game, keeps surprising. After everyone claimed it to be dead at release, the game redeemed itself with a substantial free update in No Man's Sky Next. Now, we're getting an even bigger update with No Man’s Sky Beyond. In a recent post on the game's website, Hello Games founder Sean Murray talked about No...

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