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Azure Saga: Pathfinder review: Straying from a promising path

Azure Saga: Pathfinder review
There is a lot of potential in this JRPG-style title, but Azure Saga: Pathfinder ends up painfully average in almost every way. When I started playing Azure Saga: Pathfinder I didn't know what to expect. It is an RPG game created by an Indonesian company that is marketed as an old-school JRPG title. I soon found out that this JRPG-style game is indeed...

Persona 5 review: Will steal your heart

Persona 5 review
The Persona series is much darker in tone than most games we're used to play these days, and Persona 5 is not different. It deals with world-changing events and unfriendly gods, and the group of school kids that manages to stand up to them. Now all that's left to establish is whether the sixth installment in the Megami Tensei spin-off series is...

Nier Automata review: 2B or not 2B

Nier Automata review
Nier Automata is a philosophical journey that keeps you glued to your screen just to see what it will throw at you next. With plenty of religious symbolism and existential questions raised throughout the story, one might think Automata is an overly-complicated and boring game. However, beneath all this philosophizing lies a really, truly great game. The game is both a sequel...

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