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My Brother Rabbit is a wondrous adventure game for the whole family

My Brother Rabbit
My Brother Rabbit is a unique adventure game with hand-painted graphics and personality for days, developed by indie studio Artifex Mundi. We play as a cute but cranky rabbit, the star of a story a little boy tells his sick sister to help her deal with her illness. The titular rabbit leaves his cozy, underground home to help his friend, a...

The Hong Kong Massacre is a hard-boiled twin-stick shooter straight from the ’90s

The Hong Kong Massacre
It's the year 1992, and the Triad is raising havoc in the streets of Hong Kong. You take the role of a former police officer out seeking vengeance for his partner who was brutally killed by the Triad. You now know enough to start playing The Hong Kong Massacre, a new top-down, twin-stick shooter which takes its inspiration from Hong Kong...

Transference Gamescom 2018 demo messes with your brain in all sorts of ways

Do Elijah Wood and Ubisoft want to mess with your brain? Transference, a new VR horror game about VR says they would very much like to. The fruit of Ubisoft's partnership with the former hobbit had a demo at Gamescom 2018, so we decided to delve into this psychological horror title and see if we can learn anything more about it....

Light Fall is an extremely fast platformer that lets you create your own platforms

Light Fall
Light Fall is an insanely fast-paced platformer for the challenge seekers among us. It's also hard; very hard. When playing it, I felt the same mix of rage and determination I haven't felt since my days playing Super Meat Boy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yp_ThNVi-gU The game is a story of a boy with special powers, told through the narration of a wise old owl. The narration...

Mulaka review: Spicing up a familiar formula

Mulaka review
The outstanding visuals make Mulaka a notable action title, but frustrating controls and low production values stop it from reaching its potential. Mulaka draws you in with its gorgeous looking visuals and bright imagery inspired by Mexican folklore. There's a shortage of games that deal with less-told and unknown legends and stories - like those of the native population of both North...

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