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Star Renegades review: A new hope

Star Renegades
Star Renegades takes inspiration from some big names but ultimately stands stronger on its own thanks to its one-of-a-kind combat system. Star Renegades is a rogue-lite RPG where you build a team of rebels to fight off the evil Imperium. It presents a nemesis system, similar to Shadow of Mordor,...

Ooblets brings creature collecting, farming, and dance-offs to Early Access

2020 hasn't been an easy year so far, and we all desperately need a fix of wholesome cuteness. Luckily, Ooblets popped into Early Acess on Epic Games Store and Xbox One today. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rwc2scSv8uY Ooblets takes inspirations from two top-rated franchises, one that involves collecting cute critters in pocket-sized capsules,...

Catherine: Full Body review: Lust at first sight

Catherine: Full Body review
Catherine Full Body starts a mature conversation on topics such as relationships, infidelity, and commitment. The result is a fascinating and cinematic narrative-driven game with addictive puzzles. Behind its shamelessly racy facade, Catherine: Full Body is an unnerving narrative-driven game that brings up some interesting subjects. Its creators describe it...

Summer in Mara review: A fruitful vacation

Summer of Mara review
Summer in Mara takes some of the best elements from The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker and embeds them in a fun and relaxing farming sim that encourages exploration and creativity. I was never a big fan of farming sims like Stardew Valley or My Time at Portia. But after...

Top 10 indie games we loved at the Steam Game Festival – June 2020

Steam Game Festival games
We played a bunch of indie game demos during the Steam Game Festival between June 16 - 22. Hopefully, you did too, but since there were just so many of them, you're bound to miss out on a few gems. So this is what our next list is about - the top 10 indie...

Cris Tales preview: JRPG elements, time control, and beautiful symmetry

cris tales exploration
Cris Tales isn't just a game for people with my very particular tastes in UI, character design, and colorful graphics. It's a unique experience in which you play a girl that can control time. It's a role-playing game with choices and consequences. It's a crafted love letter to games like Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy.

Sci-fi mystery 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim gets a western release date

13 sentinels aegis rim
Atlus is definitely having a good 2020. With the vivid Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore, the touching Persona 5 Royal, and the successful-looking PC release of Persona 4 Golden, the publisher is going strong and hard. One of Atlus's more recent Japanese releases, 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim, is finally getting a western release date...

Persona 5 Royal review: Will steal your heart all over again

Persona 5 Royal kasumi
Persona 5 Royal is the ultimate take on the powerful Persona 5. It builds upon the original in every way and brings one of the best JRPG stories of this generation. I always knew that the Persona is a series I’d like. With an authentic portrayal of Japanese life, fun...

Kaleidocraft lets you design holographic art in a money-free utopia

If you didn't have to worry about money ever again, what kind of art would you make? This is the question that fuels Kaleidocraft, a creative game in which you design holograms, decorate your artist room, and get feedback from a virtual social network. You won't need to think long about this question, though,...

Summer in Mara is a calming adventure to warm up your spring

summer in mara
Spring 2020 isn't off to a great start, and what we all need the most is a gentle, calming, heartwarming game about farming, meeting quirky characters, and making the world a better place. Enter Summer in Mara. After a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign, Summer in Mara, which has recently appeared on the Nintendo Indie World...

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