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As Chief Editor and co-founder, Guy is responsible for pretty much everything that goes up on the site. He is a huge fan of survival horror, point-and-click adventure titles and everything with a good story. He prefers to play games alone, in the dark - as nature intended.

Liberated, a cyberpunk noir thriller is a Switch timed exclusive coming 2020

Liberated is an action-adventure title that merges graphic novels and side-scrolling action. The story is told through the pages of a digital comic book that transitions into the hand-drawn graphics of the gameplay segments. You'll shoot, sneak, jump, and climb your way across a world eerily similar to our own, in which technology controls...

Resident Evil 3 remake officially revealed with trailer and screenshots

Resident Evil 3 Jill
Resident Evil 3 is getting a remake, and here's a trailer to prove it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LxDm9T1TKvU It's not that surprising, as fans were clamoring for one after the successful Resident Evil 2 remake was released. We also saw some leaked marketing material earlier this month, so we kind of knew...

There’s a BioShock game in development at a new studio called Cloud Chamber

New BioShock
2K has announced they've assembled a new studio to work on the next BioShock game. The studio, called Cloud Chamber, is described as "a collective of storytellers eager to push the frontlines of interactive entertainment by making unique, entertaining and thoughtful experiences that engage the world."

Still There review: Existential drama between puzzles

Still There
Sci-fi, surrealism, and emotional turmoil come together to create Still There, a story about a grief-stricken astronaut floating in space and solving intricate puzzles. Still There is part complex puzzle game, part moving story about a man hiding from his past. The two parts often clash, which makes the game’s tone shift dramatically from...

In the Valley of Gods is on hold as devs move to work on Half-Life: Alyx

In the Valley of Gods
Campo Santo, the studio that brought us Firewatch, isn't working on In the Valley of Gods anymore. According to studio co-founder Jake Rodkin, the first-person adventure game set in 1929's Egypt is on an indefinite hiatus. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UOoKPN2KPhg Rumors about the game's cancelation begun swirling around the net last month, when...

The Outlast Trials is a co-op survival horror set during the Cold War

The Outlast Trials
Red Barrels has revealed their next Outlast project - The Outlast Trials. It's a 4-player co-op horror game set in the Cold War era. In The Outlast Trials, players will face horrors, trials, and experiments by themselves or in groups of up to four players. We don't know what kind of horrors, trials, and...

Freebird Games’ Impostor Factory is actually To the Moon 3

To the Moon 3
Freebird Games, the creators of To the Moon and its sequel Finding Paradise, have revealed Impostor Factory a few months ago. Now, they are ready to announce that Impostor Factory is actually To the Moon 3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bi0EN6pPYwE To the Moon 3 is still called Impostor Factory, or "Episode X:...

Gamedec video explores the cyberpunk streets of Low City

The developers at Anshar Studios released a new video for their upcoming RPG Gamedec. In this one, they talk about one of the areas in the game's dystopian, futuristic universe - the Low City. Gamedec takes place in Warsaw, Poland, in the 22nd century. The city is divided into districts where the residents have...

Arkane Studios founder opens new indie studio named WolfEye Studios

WolfEye Studios
Raphael Colantonio left Arkane Studios after Prey was released in 2017. Now, the former President and Creative Director joins forces with ex-Arkane Executive Producer Julien Roby to form WolfEye Studios. The new indie studio is dedicated to creating games in which "players live their own adventures in rich simulated worlds that respond to actions...

Last Stop is a narrative adventure from the developers of Virginia

Last Stop
Last Stop is a game about "secret lives, the ties that bind and how magic can be found in the mundane." And as you can see in the trailer below, it's also about creepy people kissing with their eyes open... ugh. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7FUw-g65OUg The game was announced during the X019...

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