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As Chief Editor and co-founder, Guy is responsible for pretty much everything that goes up on the site. He is a huge fan of survival horror, point-and-click adventure titles and everything with a good story. He prefers to play games alone, in the dark - as nature intended.

Jenny LeClue is out today on PC and Apple Arcade, coming soon to Switch, PS4

Mystery adventure Jenny LeClue: Detectivú is now available on PC and iOS through Apple Arcade. To celebrate the happy occasion, we have a new release date trailer. The game was successfully funded on Kickstarter about five years ago, in July 2014. Backers and everyone else who's interested in solving the mysteries of the idyllic...

Daymare 1998 review: Where evil not longer resides

Daymare 1998 review
Daymare 1998 tries to mix classic Resident Evil with modern horror like Dead Space, but is sabotaged by its own old-school obsession. Daymare 1998 started as a fan remake of Resident Evil 2. Capcom quickly put a stop to it but encouraged Invader Studios to take all the hard work they did and turn...

“Mutant soap opera” Mutazione comes out September 19 on PC, PS4

Developers Die Gute Fabrik describe their upcoming title Mutazione as a "Mutant soap opera." Think less cheesy, and more packed with personal drama, unforgettable characters, and a lot of emotions. Mutazione is about trauma and its long-term effects on a small community. It is melancholic, beautiful and often weird, as you can tell from...

Bake ‘n Switch left us hungry for more at Gamescom 2019

Bake 'n Switch
We here at GamersPack play a lot of Overcooked together. We love working as a team towards a common goal while we scream our lungs out at each other until someone cries. It's the best. That is why we jumped at the opportunity to play Bake 'n Switch at Gamescom. It's a four-player co-op...

Blair Witch review: Stay out of these woods

Blair Witch E3 2019
Blair Witch so desperately wants to be a psychological horror game, it completely neglects its few clever mechanics. But you can pet the dog. The Blair Witch Project doesn’t have the best history with video games (look it up). I was cautiously optimistic that the new Blair Witch will break this curse. After all,...

Little Misfortune bringing happiness to PC on September 18

Little Misfortune release datevideo
Little Misfortune Ramirez Hernandez is a happy-go-lucky girl with a sad life. Her mother drinks a bit too much, most of her friends are imaginary, and one of her toys is a rock her dad once threw at her. But a new friend, Mr. Voice, promises her Eternal Happiness if she wins his mysterious...

Annapurna will publish If Found, an interactive coming-of-age visual novel

If Found
Annapurna Interactive, who is slowly but surely becoming one of my favorite indie publishers, has announced If Found - an interactive coming-of-age visual novel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jWArYr6itpc It's a bit difficult to tell from the game's teaser trailer, but If Found is a "compelling and intense exploration of family, community,...

Mosaic can be depressing, but it doesn’t have to be

Mosaic is a game about the grinding, joyless routine of all work and no play. It is about isolation in a society that’s more comfortable staring at a screen than acknowledging the existence of another person. But it’s also a game about finding beauty in everyday moments, in music and the world around you....

Remothered: Broken Porcelain scatters across all platforms in 2020

Romothered Broken Porcelain
Remothered: Broken Porcelain was one of the surprise announcements during Gamescom Opening Night Live. I was even more surprised to learn that the “Unannounced Horror Title” I was scheduled to see at Gamescom 2019 a couple of days later was, in fact, the very same game. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7KO0A8po4iU In case...

Classic survival horror Daymare 1998 started as a Resident Evil 2 remake

Daymare 1998
Daymare 1998 started as a Resident Evil 2 remake. No, not THAT Resident Evil 2 remake, but one that never saw the light of day. Developer Invader Studios wanted to see if they can create a classic survival horror game and thought recreating RE2 with modern features would be good exercise. When Capcom learned...

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