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As Chief Editor and co-founder, Guy is responsible for pretty much everything that goes up on the site. He is a huge fan of survival horror, point-and-click adventure titles and everything with a good story. He prefers to play games alone, in the dark - as nature intended.

Man of Medan trailer explains multiplayer modes so you won’t play alone

You'll be able to play Man of Medan in both offline and online co-op when it launches on August 30. The multiplayer trailer above explains how the 2-player online co-op mode works. This mode is called "Shared Story Mode," and it allows you to play through the entire campaign with a friend, each one...

Mesmerizing adventure game Vane is coming to Steam July 23

Vane is a dark, desolate and downright enchanting puzzle adventure game by Tokyo-based independent studio Friend & Foe. The game has been available on PlayStation 4 since January, but this month it will finally flying onto Steam on July 23. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lgcnm3CYqfY In case you haven't been...

Layers of Fear 2 review: A nightmare at the movies

Layers of Fear 2 review
Layers of Fear 2 is a slow, horrifying descent into madness. It earns every jump scare thanks to a dense atmosphere that haunts you to the very end. Layers of Fear 2 took me by complete surprise. I was expecting another narrative horror game with a heavy emphasis on weird visuals and jumpscares, like...

Hunt: Showdown is leaving Early Access in late August

Hunt: Showdown
After nearly 20 updates and patches, the final version of Hunt: Showdown will finally be available on August 27. The multiplayer horror-action bounty hunting title will first launch on PC and Xbox One, with a PlayStation 4 version arriving later this fall. As a "thank you" to the dedicated community that helped shape Hunt:...

Jedi: Fallen Order will have brighter lightsabers following fan criticism

Jedi Fallen Order
Respawn Entertainment is going to "fix" the lightsabers in Jedi: Fallen Order after fans criticized their color and glow. After watching the Jedi: Fallen Order official gameplay walkthrough, Star Wars fans claimed Cal's saber lacks the bright white core lightsabers usually have. I don't really see it, but then again I'm not that...

The EwinRacing Champion Series Gaming Chair is the upgrade you need

EwinRacing Champion
I’ve had my current gaming chair for quite some time now and had no real plans to replace it any time soon. However, after building and sitting in one of the EwinRacing Champion Series chairs for the last two weeks, I’ve definitely changed my mind. The EwinRacing Champion arrives in a pretty sizable box,...

Google Stadia exclusive game, Gylt might not be so exclusive after all

Tequila Works, the studio behind the excellent Deadlight, The Sexy Brutale, and the merely OK Rime, is now working on a new game called Gylt. Gylt was first announced as a Google Stadia exclusive as part of the platform's initial lineup. However, it appears that everyone will be able to play the game, even...

Alder’s Blood is a tactical stealth game where you hunt a corrupt god

Alder's Blood
You are a Hunter on a quest to kill a corrupt god and save the human race. That is the powerful concept of Alder's Blood, a new turn-based, tactical stealth game. The debut title of Polish indie studio Shockwork Games shows a dark fantasy world inspired by Victorian fantasy and the Wild West. As...

A.N.N.E launches on Early Access with a beautiful new trailer

A.N.N.E Early Accessvideo
A.N.N.E is now available on Steam Early Access, as developer Gamesbymo promised earlier this month. To celebrate, we have a new gameplay trailer for you. The trailer gives us a taste of the kind of action and platforming we'll be able to do: from solving platforming puzzles using five special abilities, to fighting over...

Trails and Traces is a love letter to the globe-trotting adventure game

Trails and Traces: The Tomb of Thomas Tew
Trails and Traces: The Tomb of Thomas Tew is an indie adventure game by Because Because Games. The best way I can describe the game is "Broken Sword by the way of Teenagent" - it's kooky, often a bit awkward, but with plenty of charm. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OE5JMHicnDE You play...

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