Cyber Shadow is an 8-bit action platformer with hints of what looks like Metroidvania. It is developed by Mechanical Head Studios and published by Yacht Club Games, developers of the legendary platformer Shovel Knight.

Thanks to a brand new Cyber Shadow trailer, we get a shiny and official release date – January 26, 2021. Enjoy some retro action that looks a bit like The Messenger.

In Cyber Shadow, you will play as Shadow, the last ninja of his clan. Fight the dreadful synthetic army of Dr. Progen and transverse the beautiful 8-bit ruins of Mekacity. Unlock new skills, release the inner ninja within, save the ones close to you, and fight evil. Standard stuff for a cyber ninja, really.

In your adventure, you’ll investigate what happened to your clanmates and the clan master. Dr. Progen’s ninja soul-powered army mercilessly hunted down all life forms. As the sole survivor, you’ll need to take down more than a dozen unforgiving bosses. Some of them will probably be menacing not only to the player but to Shadow himself as they are actually synthetically enhanced former allies and friends.

In Cyber Shadow, everyone can be a friend or foe, so trust your ninja instincts and use every last resource to secure Shadow’s last mission.

You will be accompanied by your robotic companion L-gion, who will be your only guide through the journey of redemption and revenge. With its help, unlock the secrets of your clan and the special powers they contain.

Cyber Shadow

Cyber Shadow will feature fast-paced combat and challenges. Although it is a love letter to the old 2D 8-bit platformers of the ’90s, it will have up-to-date controls and a more mature approach to the formula.

Use kunai and shurikens to strike from afar, or get closer and use your trusty sword to dish out damage through the different landscapes that vary from corrupted research labs to vast skylines and coastlines.

Cyber Shadow will be available for Nintendo Switch, PS5, PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Xbox Game Pass on January 26, 2021.

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