Red Candle Games’ psychological horror game, Detention, now has its own Netflix series. You can already watch the first episode online, with more episodes releasing each week.

Watch the Detention: The Series trailer and get an idea what to expect.

Detention: The Series is set in the 1990s in Taiwan. This means the series takes place after the events of the game, which took place in the 1960s during the White Terror.

The Netflix adaptation follows Yunxiang Liu, a new transfer student at Greenwood High School. She accidentally enters the campus’s forbidden area and encounters the ghost of Ruixin Fang. Fang then reveals to her the traumatic events of the game that happened 30 years prior – how a group of young students and teachers fought for freedom in the era of censorship and how they were dealt with.

The game’s story is unveiled through flashbacks. It isn’t clear at the moment how much the series spoils the game, if at all. Still, I suggest you play Detention before watching the series. It’s a great adventure horror game, so you should play it anyway.

Just so you know, the Netflix series has nothing to do with the 2019 movie, directed by John Hsu. Detention: The Series is a new collaboration between Netflix and the Taiwanese broadcaster Public Television Service. That’s why you aren’t getting all the episode at once – they are scheduled to coincide with their broadcasts in Taiwan.

While you’re enjoying the new series, know that Red Candle Games are working on a new game. Their previous title, Devotion, was removed from Steam after it was discovered it contained images mocking the President of China.

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