The Longest Road on Earth, or TLROE, is an emotionally evocative new title by Spanish indie developer Brainwash Gang.

It is described as the “ultimate chill” that lets player explore the beauty in the small things and “leisurely consider moments in time that are both meaningful and mundane.”

The Longest Road on Earth spans four chapters in total, and aims to capture the essence of everyday life. It’ll try and do that with intricate pixel art, a handcrafted soundtrack, and no dialogue.

During the game, you’ll collect seashells, ride a bike, and meet a collection of characters. The developers claim these characters will tell their own poignant stories about freedom, loss, gratitude, and longing. Since there’s no dialogue and very little context, it is up to you to form your own interpretations of every encounter.

The game will also have very few gameplay mechanics as to “avoid tarnishing the experience.” There are also no punishing fail-states, so you can take your time and play at your pace, stress-free.

The Longest Road on Earth will be published by Raw Fury, publisher of the enigmatic The Signifier, the excellent Star Renegades, and the upcoming Backbone. The game will be released on Steam and iOS in 2021.

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