2020 hasn’t been a very easy year for many people, and bleak games might not be what we need right now. Luckily, KreatureKind is a nicecore card game about kindness, hugging monsters, and being a good friend.

KreatureKind is a role-playing game about inclusiveness and kindness. While we will be facing monsters, which represent real-life problems, we won’t be killing them or hurting them at all. Instead, we will be supporting them with hugs, active listening, and memes.

We’ll step into the shoes (and wheelchair) of heroes Riley, Yui, and Mithra. Much like the studio’s first game, Pendula Swing, KreatureKind aims to be inclusive, with a diverse cast of generally under-represented characters.

We don’t know much about the story yet, but it’s already clear that the game will be taking place in some alternate-world or fantasy setting. The game showcases vampires and castles on the one hand, but also literal internet trolls with hulking figures and laptops.


KreatureKind will take us through turn-based battles with cards that do nice things. We’ll be “attacking” the depressed monsters using actions like “compliment”, “send cool song”, and “hug”. The different actions are accompanied by text, such as compliments and positive messages. Different actions will have different effects, with the end goal of helping our opponents to overcome their hardships.

In return, our opponents will try to bring us down, and our party’s health bars are represented by a meter that ranges from sad to happy. The reveal trailer only features two of the game’s possible enemies, but the final game will have 24 types of monsters, with different variations for each one.

KreatureKind is in the early stages of development and is still seeking funding, but Valiant Games aims to release it in 2021. Let’s hope that next year will be a good time to kill sadboys with kindness since we can all use a dose of positivity.

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