Pixel Crow, the developer of BeatCop game, banded together with the young indie studio Unseen Silence Games to bring us Terror: Endless Night.

Terror: Endless Night is a mix of turn-based strategy and survival horror where you play as the captain of a ship stranded in the arctic circle. It’s your role to manage the dwindling resources and the crew’s health.

As the captain, you’ll enact new laws that should (in theory) keep your men relatively safe and sane. But you’ll face some tough moral decisions and their inevitable consequences.

What will you do when food starts to run out? How will you punish those who disobey your orders? What will you do when your crew starts to succumb to disease, fear, and insanity in the perpetual freezing night?

At least you’ll get to enjoy the game’s hand-drawn, gloomy illustrations as you decide the fate of your crew, and eventually yourself.

Terror: Endless Night

Terror: Endless Night is based on true events. In 1845, two English ships, the HMS Erebus and HMS Terror embarked on a scientific expedition to the Arctic under the command of Sir John Francis. The two ships vanished without a trace. There’s also a pretty good TV show about these two ships, called The Terror.

You will not be playing as Sir John Francis. You are the captain of a search-and-rescue ship sent to find the Erebus and the Terror and discover what happened to their crew.

Terror: Endless Night is coming to PC via Steam, but we don’t know when.

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