Hammerting is a dwarven mining colony simulator set in a fantasy world, developed by Warpzone Studios and published by Team17 Digital.

The game just entered Early Access on Both Steam and the Epic Store, so it’s time to explore The Mountains of Mara and sharpen our resources management skills.

The surface world wages war against evil, and the need for precious resources is higher than ever. This is where you and your colony of dwarves come in.

You set up a mining colony deep beneath the legendary mountains of Mara. You must dig deeper into the mysterious caverns to keep up with the demand from the Overworld and help the war effort.

Once you mine the resources you need, you craft and upgrade a variety of items and weapons through a deep levelling system.


You’ll also need to expand your base with a variety of rooms. Forges, sculpting studios, auxiliary rooms, and of course – taverns. We all know how much fantasy dwarves love their ale.

The mining facilities aren’t the only thing you manage in Hammerting. You’ll need to organize your dwarven workers as best as possible while maintaining high spirits and comradery, so they’ll agree to work with one another. Naturally, the deeper you dig, the more dangerous things get, so you’ll have your work cut out for you.

Hammerting is out now in Early Access on Steam and the Epic Game Store.

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