Moncage is a puzzle game where perspective and optical illusions are the keys to uncover the hidden links across each face of a mysterious cube.

The game, developed by a team of two people calling themselves OPTILLUSION, has over 60 puzzles and 50 worlds to discover. Get a quick peek into these worlds in the Moncage announcement trailer below.

In addition to puzzles of perspective, Moncage aims to tell a “fragmented narrative” across its multiple dimensions. Exploring each of the cube’s ever-changing sides will reveal more bits and pieces of the story.

Peering through the cube, you’ll see lighthouses, factories, and harbors all contained within. Twisting and turning the cube will help you connect two different worlds and perhaps even discover the solution to a puzzle. Maybe it’s using a slide to pass a package through to another location, or sliding a toy truck from one side to another, where it’s a fully-functioning vehicle.

Developer OPTILLUSION has teamed with publisher X.D. Network to bring their unique puzzle game to life. “We are extremely excited to be working with OPTILLUSION to publish Moncage.” Says X.D. Network VP, Brandy Wu. “We knew the developers were special the moment we met them. They not only had a unique vision for this game but also the amazing talent bring that vision to life.”

You can find more info and gifs of Moncage over at the game’s Steam page (where you can also add it to your wishlist if you find it intriguing).

Moncage is coming soon to PC and Nintendo Switch, as well as iOS and Android devices.

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