Amnesia: Rebirth is just a couple of days away, so it’s the perfect time to catch a glimpse of the gameplay, and maybe learn a little more about the story and where it takes place.

Which is exactly why Frictional Games has released two new videos – one showing five minutes of Amnesia: Rebirth gameplay, and the other focusing on story and environments.

The gameplay video gives us a glimpse of Frictional Games’ signature physics-based interactions – pulling, pushing, and manipulating objects in the game world. We can see protagonist Tasi lifting and throwing heavy bags blocking a door, and also turning the turret of an old-timey tank.

As you’d expect, there are puzzles to solve in Amnesia: Rebirth. In the gameplay video, Tasi needs to mix ingredients to create gunpowder, as well as figure out how to open a door without activating a trap.

We also get a very short glimpse of one of the monsters we’ll face as we explore the Algerian desert. Luckily, the video doesn’t show too much, so I’m sure the monster will be just as terrifying when we encounter it in the game, if not more so.

The second video is shorter and gives us a little background on the events that led to the game’s events. The story trailer is narrated by Salim, one of the surviving crew members of the Cassandra. Unlike I originally thought, Cassandra is the name of a plane, not the name of the game’s protagonist.

As Salim narrates a message he leaves Tasi, we get to see some of the environments we’ll go through in the game. Most of the locations look pretty normal – a desert, underground caverns, and ancient ruins. But others look… otherworldly. These alien environments, with their green hue, invoke Frictional Games’ previous project – SOMA.

After watching these two videos, I can say Amnesia: Rebirth looks like the perfect game to play this spooky season. The game is coming to PC and PlayStation 4 on October 20.

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