The cyberpunk investigation RPG Gamedec has been delayed.

After reviewing the feedback from the game’s recently-released Backer’s Build, Anshar Studios decided to postpone Gamedec’s release date to 2021.

Gamedec delayed - statement

In an official statement seen above, Anshar Studios say that rushing things is not the “Anshar way,” and they need more time to deliver the game that the community wants Gamedec to be.

It seems that there is still a lot of work to be done before the game is ready. While most of the locations are done, the devs are still fixing the dialogues, polishing narrative branching, and working on integrating user-created content.

The in-game virtual worlds based on Seven: The Days Long Gone and Call of Cthulhu are still coming but won’t be part of the game’s launch content. Instead, they’ll be added post-launch as free DLC.

In a backer’s update, the developers mention that the psychical rewards from the Kickstarter campaign will be sent “shortly before the game’s release” and Gamedec backers should have them before launch day.

Despite the delay, Gamedec will still debut on PC only. The game will be available on Switch and “other consoles” at a later date.

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