Fall Guys Season 2 starts today, October 8. The season takes the beloved jelly beans back to Medieval times for 59 days until December 7, 2020.

Season 2 is adding loads of new costumes and emotes, as well as four new rounds – all medieval-themed. More minigames will be added later in the season, but right now we only know about four of them.

Fall Guys Season 2 Level and Rounds

Hoopsie Legends

As the name suggests, Hoopise Legends is a medieval spin on Hoopsie Daisy (one of my least favorite rounds, by the way). It’s a team-based round, where members of each team must literally jump through hoops to achieve victory. Hoopise Legends is more open than Hoopsie Daisy, so the action should spread out more evenly across the entire arena.

Knight Fever

Knight Fever is a new Gauntlet or obstacle course. It has swinging axe blades, rotating spikes, draw bridges, and something called a “Thicc Bonkus.” The… Thicc Bonkus is a giant spinning log covered with spikes, that will launch you off the course if it hits you. And there are two of these.

Fall Guys Season 2 - Knight Fever

Egg Siege

Described by developer Mediatonic as “tactical scrambling action,” Egg Siege is a variant of Egg Scramble. This is yet another team-based match (boooo) where three teams complete to collect eggs from the center and stash them in their “nest.” The siege part comes in the form of draw bridges, swinging blades, and deep pits.

Wall Guys

In Wall Guys, you have to climb walls. You need to scale the walls using push-able blocks. But that requires teamwork, and we’ve already established that Fall Guys isn’t very good at teamwork (at least I am, when I’m playing Fall Guys). Who knows, maybe Wall Guys will prove jelly beans CAN work together to get over any obstacle. But, more likely people will just end up pushing each other down.

Fall Guys Season 2 Rewards

Apart from the new rounds, Season 2 introduces new prizes you can win just by playing. Here’s a list of the Fall Guys Season 2 rewards:

  • 21 Crowns
  • 1500 Kudos
  • 3 Costumes: Elder Dwarf, Jester, Orc
  • 7 Colors: Romantic, Amethyst, Molten, Heraldic, Foolish, Bronze, Valorous
  • 7 Patterns: Pantaloons, Floral, Medieval Madness, Cross Check, Court Jester, Knight, Fleur-De-Lis
  • 2 Faceplates: Strained, Menace
  • 3 Nameplates: Slime, Dragonfire, Famous
  • 2 Nicknames: Knight To Remember, Sir Hugs A Lot
  • 2 Emotes: Salute, Bow
  • 1 Celebration: Magician

Fall Guys Season 2 is now out on PC and PlayStation 4. Expect more features and rounds to join in on the fun during the season.

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