Mind Scanners is a new management sim Brave At Night, the developers behind Yes, Your Grace. In their previous game, you managed a whole kingdom, but in Mind Scanners, you manage the insides of cybernetically enhanced people.

You can look for the game’s trailer for answers, but you won’t find any. Just striking visuals, synth music, and some heavy Papers, Please vibes.

Mind Scanners is a “retro-futuristic management game” where you “diagnose and normalize” the population of The Structure.

The Structure is a megacity built in the middle of a huge impact crater. Its people live in isolation, total depended on technology and machines; kinda like us. You are a Mind Scanner, one of the people in charge of fixing those the system deems “anomalous.”

You’ll diagnose your patients by analyzing their world view, and adjust it to conform with that of The Structure through a variety of twisted, arcade-style minigames. The more patients you “cure,” the more coin you earn, and the more you can upgrade your devices. So you have to manage both your time and resources very carefully.

Mind Scanners

Naturally, this is not the kind of job someone just stumbles into. According to the game’s description on Steam, you’ve agreed to pacify the Structure’s population in the hopes of keeping your daughter safe. But that doesn’t mean you have to blindly obey the authoritarian rulers.

You can choose to join a resistance group Moonrise and help their cause. I’m guessing that members of the group will approach you during your workday, and you’ll have the option to either “fix them” or let them keep their rebellious thoughts.

You’ll face many such difficult moral choices and ethical dilemmas throughout Mind Scanners, which means two things: Agonizing over every decision you make, and multiple endings.

Mind Scanners is set to reach Steam in 2021.

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