The Solitaire Conspiracy is an experimental solitaire spy game. Or as developer Bithell Games put it “What if solitaire, but extra.”

The game was announced on Twitter, via a series of tweets by Mike Bithell. In it, you’ll play solitaire to assemble a team of spied as save the world.

The Solitaire Conspiracy has three modes: Story mode, Skirmish, and Countdown. The single-player campaign follows Protego, the world’s former leading spy agency. You are tasked with wielding something called C.A.R.D.S (which l assume is a really cool acronym) to “take control of Protego’s scattered spy crews and save the world.”

You’ll choose from eight different spy crews, each with its unique powers. They will help you do battle in tactical games of solitaire against AI spies and cyber-enhanced operators.

You won’t be alone on your adventure. You’ll be assisted by Protego’s only remaining analyst, Jim Ratio, who’s portrayed by Kinda Funny Games‘ Greg Miller in short FMV cutscenes.

The Solitaire Conspiracy

Once you’re done with the campaign, you can keep playing in Skirmish mode, or test your skills against the clock in Countdown. The game’s description warns that both modes will “test your grasp of the game’s surprising tactical depths.”

In case you don’t recognize the variant of solitaire you see in the screenshots – it’s called Streets and Alleys. I didn’t hear about it until today either, but it looks pretty cool. Bithell Games did add a few twists to the game, to make it a little more exciting and combatitive.

The Solitaire Conspiracy isn’t the first experimental game Bithell Games put out. The studio has released a couple of these “Bithell Shorts” in the past, including Subsurface Circular – a text adventure about a robot detective investigating the disappearance of other robots.

The Solitaire Conspiracy is coming to PC on October 6. You can watch game’s trailer on either its Steam page or its Epic Store page.

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