Lamentum continues the proud tradition of classic survival horror titles like Resident Evil and Clock Tower. It’s a Gothic horror tale set in an old mansion full of monsters, secrets, and teeth; I keep finding teeth everywhere.

The game is developed by indie studio Obscure Tales, and published by Another Indie – the same publisher of another pixel art horror title (and truly fantastic game) Yuppie Psycho.

Lamentum follows Victor and Alissa, a young couple in the 19th century. When Alissa comes down with a mysterious illness, the two are lured to Grau Hill with the promise of a cure. But it turns out the cure is worse than the disease.

After his wife goes missing, and the manor around him twists into a terrifying nightmare, Victor must survive by any means necessary. He will use old-timey weapons, like a flintlock and a hatchet, drink laudanum to heal himself, and make decisions that will determine the course of the game and it’s ending. I wouldn’t expect a happy one, though.

Recently, Obscure Tales released a demo for Lamentum on Steam. It takes about an hour to finish and highlights the grotesque creature design, puzzles, and classic survival horror elements.


I played through the demo, and boy, did I love it. As a fan of old-school horror games, I liked almost everything about Lamentum: slowly exploring the dilapidated manor, running away from monsters (and something fighting them), and even managing my inventory and health items.

It’s not wonder the game was successfully funded on Kickstarter a year ago.

If you are a fan of the classics, you too would love sinking your teeth (what is it with all the teeth?!) into the Lamentum demo. It might tie you over until the full game comes out on PC and Switch in spring 2021.

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