Amnesia Rebirth, the sequel to Frictional Games’ breakout hit Amnesia: The Dark Descent, arrives on PC and PlayStation 4 on October 20, 2020.

The Developer has shared the game’s final release date with a new, spooky trailer. In the video, we can see some of the environments and horrors we’ll navigate once Amnesia Rebirth comes out before Halloween.

Amnesia Rebirth takes place 100 years after the events of The Dark Descent. We’ll play as Tasi Trianon, who finds herself in the desolate landscape of the Algerian desert, with no memory (the IS called “Amnesia”). You’ll need to discover what happened to her, and why she is where she is. All she knows is that “she is Tasi.”

You’ll explore the desert, dark caves, forgotten ruins, and alien landscapes to find the answers you’re looking for. You’ll also have to keep Tasi alive by managing essential resources to survive the elements. And, of course, there’s the fear, pain and monsters to deal with.

Surviving in the desert in first-person, while avoiding terrible things, kind of reminds me of Outlast 2 (a game inspired by Amnesia: The Dark Descent’s success 10 years ago. Hopefully, Rebirth will be even scarier. Frictional Games do have quite the reputation for horror games, after all.

Amnesia Rebirth release date

“Amnesia is not just another haunted house spook-fest, but an emotionally harrowing journey”, explains Thomas Grip, creative director at Frictional Games. “We aim to go beyond simple jump-scares and to affect players on a deeper level. While Rebirth will contain the terrifying encounters and sights you expect from an Amnesia game, it has a lot more focus on narrative than previous entries in the series. We want the player to form a strong bond with Tasi and intimately share her tribulations. This will not be your run-of-the-mill horror experience.”

Amnesia: Rebirth launches October 20, 2020 on PC and PlayStation 4. Pre-orders are already open.

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