AWAY: The Survival Series follows the life of a sugar glider. You play in your own personal nature documentary, with our own narrator, who describes our every move.

The game is developed by Breaking Walls, an indie studio composed of Ubisoft veterans who worked on Assassin’s Creed, Prince of Persia, and Far Cry. They recently released a gameplay walkthrough video, showcasing exploration, combat, and a little hidden lore.

AWAY: The Survival Series is a beautiful exploration adventure game set in a distant future where nature has reclaimed the planet. Our Tiny sugar glider tries to find a safe place for his mother and sister.

Being a sugar glider means exploring our surroundings in various ways: on the ground, leaping from tree to tree, and gliding through the air to solve the navigational puzzle that is the wilderness.

As implied by the title, the game is all about surviving. Journey through vibrant ecosystems filled with many animals – some we hunt for food, and some hunt us.

You will encounter enemies during your adventures, such as scorpions and mantises that will fight you not because you are food, but because this is their nature. Throughout the game, you will develop fighting skills, which will help him fight other vicious animals.

Another ability you possess is the power to… possess other animals. In the video, we see the sugar glider take control of a beetle to explore a tiny tunnel that hides a secret.

AWAY: The Survival Series

AWAY: The Survival Series draws a lot of inspiration from nature documentaries such as Planet Earth, Blue Planet, Life, and Our Planet. And to make the feeling of actually watching one, Breaking Walls has partnered with Life and Planet Earth 2 composer Mike Raznick. This collaboration promises to simulate a whole world being brought to life.

AWAY: The Survival Series is heading to PC and PS4 and will launch in early 2021. In the meantime, you can enjoy a free soundscape recorded by Breaking Walls. You can immerse yourself with the relaxing sounds of the forest with a waterfall in the distance.

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