Sci-fi and space games usually have a spaceship, futuristic technology, and strange, far-off planets. But also lots of aliens, shooting, and explosions. Developer Exbleative decided their space game, Exo One, will be different but equally as compelling, if not more so.

Exo One is about a spacecraft traveling between planets using a unique, gravity-based traversal system. At least that what we can glean from the trailer.

Since the Exo One gameplay trailer looks really nice, I decided to give Exo One: Prologue a try. It’s a short, 10-minute demo that lets you fly and roll around a beautiful alien planet.

The story follows humanity’s attempts to go beyond our solar system. We construct an advanced space probe by following instructions delivered by a mysterious alien transmission discovered on Jupiter. You play the sole survivor of that Jupiter mission, who thinks they can save their team by using this probe to explore the game’s star system.

Flying the probe/spaceship is done by changing its shape and density. You press a button to transform the ship into a ball, and as it dives down, it accumulates energy. Releasing the button will revert the vessel back into a disc, and you’ll soar back up even higher. You can tell how much energy you have by how intense the glow around it is. I did mention it was an alien craft, right?

Exo One Prologue

Exo One: Prologue takes us to the planet Sagan IV, which is a desert planet dotted with ancient ruins. You’re free to explore where .you like in a semi-open world. The full game will feature more intriguing planets to discover, and will hopefully provide us with answers about the astronauts, the aliens, and what happened on Jupiter.

The atmosphere (pardon the pun) is similar to that of 90’s science fiction books, and the game itself feels very relaxed. There are no alien to shoot – just pickups you can collect that will make your probe slightly better in various ways. That is at least the impression I got from the demo.

Exo One is coming to PC and Xbox Series X later this year. The game is available to wishlist on Steam, where you can play the prologue for free.

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