Martha is Dead is a first person psychological thriller coming to PC and Xbox Series X in late 2021.

Developer LKA, who also made The Town of Light, is hoping to deliver a photo-realistic visual experience that “blurs the boundaries between gaming and reality.” You can see if they are on the right track in the new trailer.

Be warned, tough – it’s a bit gross.

Martha is Dead is set in Tuscany of 1944. If you know your history, you know 1944 isn’t a good time to be in Tuscany (or most of Europe). When the body of a woman is discovered, her twin sister “must deal with the fallout from her murder, all whilst the horror of war draws ever closer.”

LKA describes their horror game as a combination of disturbing and dreamlike tones, history, superstition, and psychological distress. As a fan of horror games, that definitely sounds like something I’d want to play. As Martha’s twin sister, we’ll explore real-world locations and face psychological and Italian folklore horrors – all in first-person.

“Martha is Dead is set in a really interesting and distressing period of history, with Italy at this time torn between two major powers fighting for the future,” writes LKA founder Luca Dalco. “Martha‚Äôs brutal murder brings with it a mirrored sense of misery. This game will shock, make players question the truth, and like The Town of Light, help continue a conversation around subject matters that still carry much stigma.”

Martha is Dead is coming late 2021 to PC and Xbox Series X. I won’t be surprised if we’ll see it on Xbox Game Pass at launch. Meanwhile, you can wishlist the game on Steam.

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