After 17 months in Steam Early Access, Risk of Rain 2 is finally ready for a full launch.

The final version boasts many new additions to the game, including a new survivor, new items, new monsters, and even a hidden boss.

Risk of Rain 2

Last year, we crowned Risk of Rain 2 as one of our best games of 2019. It eared that spot for being a fantastic roguelike that could satiate your hunger for new adventures on each run. With the launch of version 1.0, we get even more content to add to the mix.

We will finally get to see the tenth survivor – The Captain. He’s a utility-support character with short-range burst damage capabilities, so he should do tremendously in both single-player and co-op.

And speaking of co-op, there will be a new multiplayer browser that will help you play with people more easily. It does that mainly by adding the options to select a difficulty level and vote on rules before launching from the browser’s lobby.

As with most updates until now, we will also be getting a few new items that will broaden the already large pool of over 110 items. New skill variants will also be added, so expect to change your strategies with each survivor.

Finally, your runs will conclude on the game’s final level – the Moon! It will feature new enemies and many thrilling adventures and, of course – Risk of Rain 2’s final boss. We still don’t know how it will look, but judging from the bosses we had so far, we expect it to be a huge and explosive fight.

Last year, Risk of Rain 2 surprisingly launched on consoles. We’re currently unsure when the final update will be available on consoles, but we hope it’ll be sure after the full PC launch.

Risk of Rain 2 is still available in the discounted price of Early Access. Pick it up before the price rises when the full game launches on August 11.

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