The Pathless gameplay video reveals you can pet your eagle

The Pathless is a mythic adventure game from the creators of Abzu. It’s pretty, it’s serene, and it’s fast-paced all at once.

We know that because publisher Annapurna Interactive and developer Giant Squid have finally released a lengthy gameplay video of The Pathless. The walkthrough video features commentary by director Matt Nava, who explains how the movement, the action, and the puzzles all work together.

In the gameplay video, we can see the Hunter, a master archer, traveling in the open world by shooting down talismans and filling up her dash meter. The dash ability lets you move faster to explore more of the world and chase down your prey.

We aren’t hunting deer or rabbits, though – we’re hunting corrupted spirits. The video shows a fight against one such spirit, and they appear to combine both high-speed chases with more traditional boss fights.

To traverse the world and defeat the evil spirits, you’ll need to forge a strong connection with your eagle companion. You can collect crystals to upgrade the eagle’s flight, and even pet it to clean it from cursed dust (and strengthen your bond). It will even snuggle up to you after a good clean, which is adorable.

The Pathless is coming out later this year on PlayStation 5, PC via the Epic Store, and Apple Arcade.

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