AWE, the second Control DLC, is coming August 27. It adds a new location, a new weapon, and new enemies. But best of all – it brings back Alan Wake.

Control’s AWE expansion trailer aired during yesterday’s PlayStation’s State of Play showcase and gave us a quick look into what we can expect from the upcoming DLC. Soon after, developer Remedy uploaded a blog post with even more information.

In AWE, Jesse will investigate the closed-off Investigations Sector of The Oldest House. That is where the Federal Bureau of Control coordinated their work on AWEs and kept all their evidence until something went “horribly, horribly wrong.”

In case you haven’t played Control yet, or need a quick reminder: an AWE stands for Altered World Event. These are supernatural events that take place when forces from other realities breach our own. One such incident happened in Bright Falls, where we last saw Alan Wake 10 years ago.

The Bright Falls event isn’t the only one we’ll investigate during the DLC, but it is the one Remedy fans are most likely to be excited about. The post confirms that Wake will be making an appearance in the expansion, but doesn’t go beyond that.

Control AWE

Apart from the return of Alan Wake, the Control AWE expansion adds a new Service Weapon form called Surge. It’s essentially a sticky grenade launcher that can fire up to four explosives that can be remotely detonated.

You will use the Surge to blow holes in walls, and also against a new type of enemy – the Hiss Airborne Rangers. They can fly and have shotguns. The post doesn’t mention any other new enemies, but we can see something else in the trailer; something… twisted.

This creature could be what caused the Bureau to abandon the Investigations Sector all those years ago. There is mention of a “mysterious being” that haunts the empty halls – something Jesse will have to deal with if she wants to reopen them. The DLC is reportedly “moodier and more suspenseful” than the rest of Control, so a creepy monster hunting you in the dark fits right in.

Control AWE mysterious being

The last thing we learn about Control’s second expansion is about the old arcade machine you might’ve noticed in the trailer. This machine is an Altered Items that let you access some new gameplay modes including a horde mode and a time trial.

We will also be able to replay certain boss fights from Control’s main campaign and experience the fan-favorite Ashtray Maze section all over again (while listening to Old Gods of Asgard’s Take Control). Beating these sections again will net us some excellent rewards, including a new outfit for Jesse.

In addition to it’s second (and probably final) paid DLC, Control will be getting a free August update. In it, we’ll get a new upgrade for Launch called Multi-Launch, more checkpoints throughout the main story missions, and other quality of life features that Remedy will reveal closer to the update’s launch. One of those features is Assist Mode that comes with additional usability options.

Control AWE arcade machine

There you have – this is everything we know about Control’s upcoming AWE DLC. As a long-time fan of Remedy games, I have to say I’m very excited to return to The Oldest House and maybe learn the fate of Alan Wake.

Control AWE will be available on August 27 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via the Epic Store.

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