Obsidian reveals their next fantasy RPG Avowed with a teaser trailer

Avowed is Obsidian Entertainment’s next role-playing game. It was revealed with a teaser trailer during Xbox Games Showcase event last week.

It seems that in addition to fueling the hype machine around their upcoming survival game Grounded, Obsidian has also been working in secret on this new title. Since the company was bought by Microsoft two years ago, it keeps working on releasing new franchises.

Aside from the short teaser trailer above, we have very little to go on. Avowed is a medieval fantasy RPG, much like Obsidian’s well-renowned Pillars of Eternity franchise, only this time it’s a first-person RPG and not an isometric one. The game takes place in the world of Eora, where a war is raging and empires and magic clash together.

While the teaser is pretty short and scarce with details, we do get to see castles, dungeons, and hordes of skeletons – your usual fantasy stuff. We also get to hear some references to kings and oaths.

We haven’t seen much of Avowed, but so far, it has some big Skyrim vibes. Then again, I guess that every first-person fantasy RPG nowadays will (and should) remind us of this epic game. Judging by past titles, Obsidian is one developer who can deliver us with an equal, or even greater, experience.

Avowed will be available on PC, Xbox Series X, and on Xbox Game Pass.

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