Swedish indie developer Image & Form Games has announced it’s heading on a new path with The Gunk – a 3D third-person action-adventure title.

The developers behind the hit SteamWorld series have decided to change direction away from their 2D comfort zone, explore the unknown, and challenge themselves with new skills and mindsets. In fact, The Gunk is the first non-SteamWorld game Image & Form Games is releasing in many years.

The Gunk revolves around a pair of space haulers who struggle to make a living, traveling from one planet to another in search of resources they can harvest and sell. During their work, they stumble on a plant that seems dead from a distance and decides to land and explore.

At first, it seems like they hit the jackpot, but a close look reveals a horrific truth. A slimy parasite, the titular Gunk, covers vast areas of the planet, corrupting and killing its nature and wildlife.

The dilemma the characters and the player face is simple, yet dire. Do they try to make a quick buck by scavenging what’s left, or fight the Gunk and save the planet? They do have their problem to deal with, after all.

The conflicts the protagonists are going through while fighting the slimy parasite are contrasted by a cartoonish and harmless visual style. The Gunk’s debut trailer really shows off the game’s impressive graphics and art style.

The Gunk

Image & Form Games, together with publisher Thunderful, have decided not to “hold back the game” so it can run on multiple platforms. According to Brjánn Sigurgeirsson, CEO of Thunderful Group, that is why they chose to release The Gunk exclusively on Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC.

The Gunk is set to be released on September 2021. We wish them luck and hope this ambitious departure from SteamWorld be land on solid grounds rather than a gunky one.

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