Out of the many games we saw at yesterday’s Xbox Game Showcase, The Medium immediately caught my eye. The game’s duel perspective and Silent Hill vibes really surprised me.

Team Bloober showed us a trailer that starts on a creepy note and only gets darker from there. Take a look for yourself.

“It all starts with a dead girl” – these are the first words we hear our protagonist say. A dark forest, the full moon, and a gunshot – here’s a trailer that knows how to set the mood! As a fan of true crime TV, I was hooked instantly.

The Medium is a psychological horror with unique dual-reality gameplay. We play as Marianne, a woman haunted by visions of an abandoned hotel in Krakow, Poland – a scene of a terrible tragedy.

As the titular medium, Marianne can interact with both the real world and the spirit world, at the same time. We will use Marianne’s powers to solve puzzles and mysteries throughout the hotel by seeing and interacting with both worlds side by side. The developers believe that “every story has two sides,” so they decided to craft the game’s gameplay around that very idea.

The Medium dual-reality gameplay

Both the real world and the spirit realm have their uses. In the real world, we’ll be able to interact with the psychical environment, and while in the spirit world, she can use her psychic powers. As mentioned before, everything will happen on our screen simultaneously.

We will also experience each world separately. For example, Marianne can leave her physical body behind to explore areas only accessible to spirits. However, these excursions will take a toll on her if she stays away from her body for too long.

If the horror fans among you still aren’t convinced, I’m sure you’ll be thrilled to learn Akira Yamaoka, the legendary composer behind the Silent Hill soundtracks will create The Medium’s atmospheric music alongside Arkadiusz Reikowski (Layers of Fear, Observer).

The Medium is scheduled for Holiday 2020, on PC and Xbox Series X. The game will also be included with Xbox Game Pass.

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