Sable gameplay video shows world exploration and stunning art style

Sable is a lovely open-world exploration game about Sable, a nomad out on a rite of passage. We’re not so sure at the moment who’s exactly Sable, but we do know she was a cool hoverbike and hood.

The new Sable gameplay video offers a glimpse into what’s it like to play as her. According to Greg from developer studio Shedworks, we’ll traverse a vast desert, scale ancient monuments, and solve puzzles. If we want to.

We’re free to explore at our leisure and go wherever we want. Along our journey, we’ll encounter other nomads and hear their stories, stumble upon fallen spaceships, and uncover mysteries long forgotten. All this to the relaxing sounds of indie musician Japanese Breakfast.

You’ve probably noticed Sable’s unique art style while watching the Sable gameplay video above. It’s called Ligne claire (I had to google what that was), a style popularized in the 1950s thanks to The Adventures of Tintin.

See? you learn something new every day.

Sable is coming out in 2021, on PC and Xbox Series X.

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