Röki is a beautiful indie game, full of adventure, courage, and Scandinavian folklore. And it’s out now on PC through Steam, HumbleBundle, and GOG.

In case you’d rather do your adventuring on the go, you’d be happy to know a Nintendo Switch version is coming “in the near future.”

In this dark, contemporary fairy tale, we play as Tove, a young girl touched by magic. We guide her through a 12-15 hour journey full of charm, jaw-dropping backgrounds, and challenging (but never punishing) gameplay.

Along the way, we’ll unravel the mysteries of a mystical forest, discover curious items, and maybe befriend a monster or two. But the real mystery lies in Tove’s past. Seek out clues, solve puzzles, and hopefully save your family.

Röki is the debut title of Polygon Treehouse, an indie studio helmed by veteran developers Tom Jones and Alex Kanaris-Sotiriou. The two had this to say about their game and the development process:

“For our debut indie title, we wanted to depart from the ‘shooty-shooty’ games we’d made at PlayStation and make the game about family, adventure, monsters, and kindness. When we started development three years ago the world was quite a different place, and we hope the game we’ve created and its themes are now more relevant and important than ever.”

I am currently working on GamersPack’s review of Röki, so keep an eye out for that. If you want to read some of our earlier impressions of this truly beautiful game, you can check out our Gamescom 2019 piece about it.

Once again, Röki is available starting today on PC, and is coming soon(er or later) to the Nintendo Switch.

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