I Am Dead is a puzzle adventure game were you play a dead man.

That man has a name – Morris Lupton. He’s the former museum curator on the tiny island of Shelmerston. Former curator because, again, he is dead.

So what’s a newly-deceased museum curator does with his afterlife? He plays with his dog Sparky (also dead), meets other ghosts, and saves his beloved island from a volcano threatening to wipe it out. The first I Am Dead gameplay walkthrough shows us how he intends to do that.

Developers Ricky Haggett and Richard Hogg walk and talk us through the game’s story, characters, and gameplay. Your main goal is to recruit the other ghosts’ help in stopping the volcano from erupting. But they won’t talk to you until you can find a bunch of items that are important to them.

These items, called mementos, can be found around the world by looking inside things. As a ghost, you have a sort of specter-vision that lets you peer inside pretty much everything – including people’s thoughts and memories. By exploring the memories of a ghost’s loved ones, you can uncover more information about their mementos.

So most of I Am Dead’s gameplay will be traveling around the island, and examining items or even whole locations inside and out. You can also talk with your dog Sparky, who is far better at being dead than Morris is.

I Am Dead will be available on Nintendo Switch and PC this September. If you want to help make sure more puzzle-lovers hear about this title, you can do so by wishlisting I Am Dead on Steam.

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