Publisher Merge Games has announced that Bounty Battle won’t make it in time for its original release date of July 23. Instead, the ultimate indie brawler has been delayed to an unknown date.

The delay is due to developer Dark Screen’s desire to release a better product. They feel they still have ways to improve their game, and deliver a more rounded couch co-op experience with many extraordinary features.

“We’re sorry to say that we’ve had to make the unfortunate decision to delay the launch of our upcoming All-Star Indie Fighter, Bounty Battle,” reads an official announcement from Dark Screen Games.

“Our goal to provide an amazing couch co-op experience to our community is within reach, but we felt that we still had significant improvements to make that we simply could not achieve without a slight delay. Our community’s experience is of utmost importance to us, so keeping that in mind, we decided to that the time we needed to deliver Bounty Battle as intended and intact.”

Dark Screen Games concluded with a promise to update the game’s community as soon as they have settled on a new release date.

Bounty Battle will feature different characters from more than 20 indie titles. According to the story, they all fight for universe supremacy after a vortex created a bridge between their worlds. But that’s just the story – most of your time will be spent in local and online fights and tournaments.

Bounty Battle

It’s a good thing the team behind the game decided to take steps to ensure the release of the best product they can make, with characters from successful indie darlings such as Guacamelee!, Dead Cells, Darkest Dungeon, Owlboy, and Blasphemous.

After hearing all of this, I just can’t wait to play this game and beat all of my friends in a night of tournaments – each representing the character from their favorite indie game.

Me, my friends, and all of you, will be playing Bounty Battle when it launches on PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch. Maybe after this delay, Dark Screen Games will make the game available on the next-gen consoles as well. Maybe.

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