2020 hasn’t been an easy year so far, and we all desperately need a fix of wholesome cuteness. Luckily, Ooblets popped into Early Acess on Epic Games Store and Xbox One today.

Ooblets takes inspirations from two top-rated franchises, one that involves collecting cute critters in pocket-sized capsules, and one that has us paying off debt to a dodgy raccoon.

Surprisingly, Ooblets doesn’t downright copy anything from either Pokemon or Animal Crossing but instead tries to do its own thing, and that’s why I’m so excited about it.

In Ooblets, you will be growing crops and selling them at the market, which makes for a familiar gameplay loop. Using the money we earn, we’ll purchase clothes, accessories, and decorations for our house. So far, the Early Access title sounds like a cute little life simulator. But the game does not stop there and pours some lovely nonsense into the formula.

Ooblets is also about creature collecting. The little critters we’ll be collecting look sassier than any other creature collecting game I’ve seen, which is what makes them so freaking adorable. In the game’s Early Access trailer, we see an Ooblet that looks like a fish with legs, just waltzing around on your kitchen counter, knocking glasses to the floor. And all I want is to take care of it.


The little Ooblets may be a menace to kitchenware of all kinds, but they aren’t as violent as the critters in Pokemon. While we do build teams of creatures and pit them against each other, Ooblets do not battle; they compete in dance-offs – a fitting competition to such majestic creatures.

We’ll be raising Ooblets in all kinds of ways – dance competitions will reward you with Ooblet seeds, and by joining an Ooblet club, you can receive an Ooblet baby.

Ooblets is not just about naughty little creatures with big moxie. We’ll also befriend townspeople, complete daily challenges, and save the town from mysterious forces (with impressive dance skills, most likely).

Ooblets is bound to expand quite a lot during its Early Access phase. Its never-ending cuteness is definitely something to behold. If it intrigues you as it intrigues me (let’s face it, I think we all want to know what’s up with fish-legs), you can pick up the Early Access of Ooblets on Epic Games Store or Xbox One.

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