Olija brings adventurous exploration, razor-sharp combat, and retro pixel art visuals to PC and Switch later this year. It’s developed by Skeleton Crew Studio, an indie studio from Japan, and published by Devolver Digital.

Watch Olija’s announcement trailer, first aired during Devolver Direct 2020.

Olija follows Faraday, a man shipwrecked on the shores of the mysterious country of Terraphage. He and the other castaways need to flee the hostile country before something really bad will happen to them. Death, one presumes.

With the help of your legendary harpoon weapon, you will explore a “handcrafted world inspired by sailor’s legends and Asian fantasy.” You can use your harpoon to navigate the strange world and to fight its stranger inhabitants.

Not everyone you meet is an enemy. You can rescue fellow survivors, and talk to friendly NPCs to learn more about Terraphage. And also about Olija, an enigmatic lady that Faraday finds himself enchanted by.

But Olija’s best feature, according to the game’s Steam page, are magic hats. You can craft them! For what purpose? I’m not sure, but everyone loves hats in video games.

The game might remind you of 2018’s The Messenger, though personally I’m reminded of retro action-adventure Another World. Must be why I’m excited to try it out as soon as possible.

Olija is coming to PC and Switch in fall 2020.

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