Carrion terrorizes the PC, Switch, and Xbox One on July 23

Carrion, the reverse horror game where you play as the icky monster, is coming out later this month.

The game’s release date was one of the few announcements during Devolver Direct 2020. It was revealed by the game’s protagonist, a hideous blob of flesh, together with head of Xbox Phil Spencer.

Alongside the release date reveal, we got a brand new trailer that showcases Carrion’s final look. It’s both really nice and disgusting at the same time, a look which resonates with certain gamers, myself included.

We can also see the giant flesh blob has picked up a few new abilities since the last time we saw it. It can now take control of humans and machines, as well as hide within a human host to move around undetected. The result is, as I’m sure you already guessed, pretty gross.

Carrion is coming to PC, Switch, and Xbox One on July 23. The game will be available through Xbox Game Pass on both PC and Xbox One from day one.

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